DIY: Denim Vest

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One of my resolutions this year is to be more creative. What more creative can a DIY can get? I’ve been planning to do a DIY post long before but I haven’t had the time to do it. So before my time gets wasted and busy again, without further ado, the project!

It’s quite easy actually. I went to Cubao with my Mum yesterday afternoon to got to a thrift store and buy myself some denim jacket. It just cost me 100 bucks for the jacket. And it’s still quite new because there is still a tag attached to it.

So! We’ll start off with the materials! Shall we?

The materials is easy you can find some of it somewhere in your house if you dig deep.

  1. Old denim jacket. - You can even snatch your Dad’s or Brother’s jackets if they have one that they don’t need or use anymore. 
  2. Studs - Fine, you may not have studs inside your house but you can get those at your nearest Tailor Fabric shop! The studs costs me 80 bucks because a piece cost Php 1.25 
  3. Scissors - Take the sharpest one. Denims, sometimes, are so hard to cut. But mines a breeze though. 
  4. Razor - It’s not shown in the photo but you’ll need it if you want that ripped style. 

Step #1: 

Cut, snip, cut! Cut the sleeves off and if you want a ripped effect, leave a half-inch of space to razor on later. Then cut off different parts of the vest and to where you want the rip to be seen.

Step #2: Razor on!

Now that you have snipped the parts you’d like to add rip effects on, let’s start razor-ing them! 

Step #2.1: Snip, Pinch, Rip!

Snip, the part you want to rip. Pinch the half together. Rip them off with a razor. And by razor, you just have to simultaneously rub the razor to the denim. It’s the same as using razor to your skin. It’s easy as ABC! 

Here’s what I have so far!

Step #3: Put your studs on! 

Apparently, I don’t have a picture of ACTUALLY putting studs on. You just have to press the studs to the place you want to put it then bend the flaps behind it to close.
Here’s my end result:

See how new that old denim looked now? I can even sell this! But nah.

Some of you might ask how much will a DIY Denim Vest will cost you?

Well let me break it down for you:

  1. An old jacket (can be borrowed from Dad or Brother) or thrifted can cost you 100 bucks below.
  2. The studs will cost you 1 peso per piece. 
  3. Your time. 

That’s basically it. It’s full of effort and creativity! I actually plan on inserting a different patterned at the back but I didn’t have much time to visit the fabric shop anymore. So, maybe next time.

Hope you guys have fun!

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