DIY: Flower Wreath

10:57 PM

Here’s a new DIY special from yours truly! It’s a Flower Wreath! Or a crown, or whatever they call it. It’s pretty simple and easy. 

Let’s start of with the materials! 

I bought these at Divisoria for a cheap 165 pesos! 35 for the small bunch, 50 for the medium size and 80 for the white slightly bigger size. There’s a bunch of other flowers to choose from, just go around divi and find something that suits you. I suggest 999 mall and 168. They have loads of choices. 

Floral wires or any wires actually. But floral wires are softer to bend on for our base. And ofcourse, pliers. Seriously, you need one. Maybe a tad bit smaller than mine. I just borrowed this from my brother’s car’s toolkit. 

And paperclips. Not shown, but highly recommended.

Let’s start of with Part 1, Step 1-4:     

Usually fake flowers have these stems and wires attached to them.

1. Before we start with our vases, we should prepare our flowers.

So here’s a proper way to cut them piece by piece. 

2. Spread them apart to cut them off easily. 
3. Your pliers should be at this side while cutting. 
4. Place it just above the end of the stem and continue clipping. 

Part 2, Base. 

1. Bring up your wires together and encircle them. 
2. Make an X to curl them up. 
3. I should have used floral tape but our nearby hardware store just ran out of stock /crai. So I used tape instead to put the wires in place after curling them up. Use pliers to clip it enough to hold on. 

Part 3, Flower Arrangement.

 Probably the funniest (and cheesiest) line ever used for a title. But anyway here’s the fun part

Here’s where the paperclips came in.

1. Get your flower, paperclip and pliers.
2. Bend open your paperclip until straighten. Use the pliers to straighten it up easily.
3. Snip up the ends of the flower.

1. Snip off the ends (like what I said above.)
2-3. Below the flower you should see a hole in it. All fake flowers have these to put wires in them. Instead of those nasty big wires, we’ll use paperclips instead!
4. So, insert them inside until you get the other end.
5. Bend the end to stop it from falling out.
6. Now, place them on your flower wreath base. And let the magic begin!

Ta-da! Here’s what I’ve come up with and I’m actually surprised that it turned out well!
Remember to bend the “fly-away’s” at the end of the wreath. This might cause some head scratches. /woops.

Photoshoot soon.

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