DIY: Mustache Mug

11:12 PM

In my house, I have no permanent mug of my own. I kept borrowing from my Mum or Dad.. or even my brother (yuck!) Kidding. But seriously, I just can’t help that I am the only one in this family who doesn’t have a mug on my own.

So I had a great DIY idea that will let me achieve my small little dream. Yesterday, me and my mom went to the groceries. While she was out picking food, I scanned through the household section to find myself a neat white ceramic mug. And ofcourse some black sharpie!

Here goes the tutorial!

What you need: 

1. Plain white mug. I bought mine for just Php 84, but I bet you guys can find a more cheaper one. 
2. Mustache stencil. Just go ahead and search one on google then print it in 3.5 x 5 inches. 
3. Scissors. Self-explanatory. You need these to cut the stencil. 
4. Sharpie. Ofcourse. You can also buy paint pens or just plain markers. But Sharpie’s are the type that can be permanent on mugs when baked. I’ll discuss this part later. 
5. Pencil. To trace the stencil. 

Step one: Print and cut out the stencil that you found on Google or some picture hosting site. Make sure it’s 3.5 x 5 inch in size so it’ll be enough for the mug. Or if you’re mug is a bit bigger, you can adjust its size. Plus you can skip this stencil part if you’re good in drawing freehand. 

Step two: Place the stencil with a pencil (ohh, rhyme!) to the part where you want your mustache will be seen. In this case. I’ll make two parts, front and back. This reason because I’m a lefty but I sometimes use my right hand too. 


Step three: Now trace it again with your sharpie! 

Step four: Fill it in! This is the first coat. You better be patient and fill until you find it perfect enough to bake! 

 Step five: Bake for 30 mins in 350°F to let the design stay completely. And let it cool before using.

Et viola! Your mustache mug is ready to use!  

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