Her Pegs: Miranda Kerr on Mango's 2013 Summer Campaign

9:15 PM

I'll start this post with: "Thank God for Mango."

I only have a week to go before our summer starts. While everyone's buying comfy trendy clothes and bikinis, I'm stuck with Projects, Papers, Deadlines and Math. For a tri-semestrial school, it's fun because we'll end fast. But when it comes to summer? We only have a rough 3 and a half week to celebrate and back to school for us again next month. It's THAT dreadful.

And speaking of clothes, I was planning on this "Summer outfits" to buy or to discover thing and Mango is already there giving me the answers. Stat. Thanks to wonderful photographer Inez and Vinoodh they took the best photo's ever. And I loved how they put up these effortlessly gorgeous outfits out for summer. Both trendy and comfy.


This particular one above is classy. A great find, the sleek cuts and color made the whole thing impeccable. It's also one of my favorites for this collection. 


If your thin framed and you feel like you still have some chubby-ness in you? This look is perfect for you. The pattern on the dress is vertical which makes you look lean and straight. And if you're blessed with curves then plus for you. 


Another one of my favorites, I don't know what you call the fabric that made this a skirt but I've seen this fabric before and I tell you it's a beaut! It's breezy, light and breathable. Plus the doily pattern on the top is really adorable. I loved the whole thing. 


This one's knitted. A perfect cover up for bikinis. My mom had this kind of fabric before where we were in Abu Dhabi. We had a lot of knits before since Abu Dhabi is a cold country by June. 


This one is for work. Or light shopping. I could wear this but I need to find a thin fabric that will still give shape and plump like a blazer so it's still wearable with this abominable heat were experiencing in the Philippines. 


With my chubby frame, No, can't wear this. But the shorts will do. 


Patterns, patterns and patterns! I love how they make a simple blouse different just by smartly adding patterns to strategic places. 


Another one of their knitted tops. This one's 3/4ths. My definite want. I love long sleeves but it's just too hot to wear in this tropical country. Good thing 3/4ths were invented for an alternative. 


This one's also my favorite. A simple outfit made classy and different. See how a pattern changes everything? I love everything bohemian, btw. That's why I'm so biased with doily patterns and florals. Can't you see? 


Breezy and lightweight. A perfect plus for summer. 

(All photo's in this post is from Pink is the New Blog. Photo's aren't mine. Nor I was claiming it. All rights reserve to them and to Mango.) 

In my recent post, I've expressed my love for one of Victoria's Secret's model, Miranda Kerr. Having her as the face of Mango is probably the best decision they've made. I loved how her default face is so simple to look at but a good make up changed her face instantly. Some other put make up on their faces but looks exactly the same. They probably have the best make-up artists out there, do they? 

But anyways, a week to go and it's summer for me! For now, I'll go back to my math homework. Hope you guys like this fashion post! 

Stay classy and have a great summer! 


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  2. These are all so pretty!
    xoxo Aimee

    1. Hi Aimee!

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