Her Pegs: Victoria Secret Fashion Show

9:40 PM

If anyone asks me, what's my dream job? My answer..

No, not being a runway model for Victoria Secret (I might want to but, I don't have the bods to be confident about it.) BUT being a runway photographer for Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

VS has been known for extravagant runway shows and make a simple lingerie become more fun to look at. It made me want to wear lingerie all day if I could!

I must say, the marketing team and production team of Victoria Secret is brilliant. They might not have much credit from the viewers since they work behind the scene but I applaud their creativity for this. 

Here's the thing, viewers needs to be persuaded to buy a product and mostly what they see are these gorgeous women on the runway strutting their stuff with these perfect bikini bodies just because they're paid to do so (and maybe because they grown to love it), viewers doesn't see who's behind these, who helped sewed these lingerie, who conceptualized on the designs, who markets these ladies.. those kind of people I know are the brains of VS. They need to be recognized more and we should give them our congratulations. I know how not being recognize feels. I, know. So, kudos to the brains of VS! 

Look at her! She's a living snowflake! /amazed

VS Angel's signature gesture when they reach the end of the runway. A blow of kisses :*

Ofcourse, that famous kiss by Levine himself to his girlfriend.. or wife now? But can I just express my undying love with Levine? He's gorgeous in all his ways. I can't. I love Maroon 5. 


And ofcourse, I'll end this entry with my favorite Victoria Secret model.. But I bet, she's everyone's favorite though. Without further ado. 

The lovely, Miranda Kerr. 

Kisses to you, lovelies! 


(Photo's courtesy of Google & Just Jared. The past photo's here were mysteriously gone for no apparent reason. Updated 051913)

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  1. I love Levine too :D :D and Heidi Klum is my favorite!

    1. Hi Abhilekha!

      I love Heidi as well! Thanks for the feedback! Come by again soon! :)




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