Back To School

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Back To School

It's almost the time of month for you guys to get back to school! So, for me, this post is kind of late because our school starts early.

Anyway, I recently visited National Bookstore for some reason and I saw kids getting excited for school and carts were all filled up of notebooks of different designs and pencils with different colors! 

And I saw this little girl who's really pretty and dressed very well, she came up to her mom and she said: "Mommy, what will I wear for the first day of school? I like to impress this boy.." 

I find it really adorable that she wasn't into pretty barbie notebooks or school materials. She was into clothes! I feel like I've met my child twin! 

And so, I've come up with this back to school outfit for freshman girls out there who wants to make an impression on their first day of classes. (Oh, and if the school permits clothes like these! So better check your school policy codes first!) 

In my school, we are not allowed to wear skimpy clothes that show a lot of skin. Tank tops are allowed if (and only if) you can fit three fingers on the shoulder. And no dance tops that shows bandeau's, crops, venus cuts, spaghetti and the like. 

So froshies, take a look at these! I picked out this outfit because I want girls to feel really comfortable and fresh on their first day. 

1. White pants. I don't suggest this if you guys have monthly visitors, though. (You wouldn't want to be the girl who came from Japan but looks Filipina/Chinese, don't you?) White compliments fair skin and it makes you feel more confident. It makes you feel more active and ready for the day. 
2. Pink top. Add some color in! Plus, this will compliment your face if you put in some blush on so you wouldn't look pale and sick on the first day.
3. Bag. Ofcourse, a girl's weapon. She needs thy kikay kit and other survival kit in one thy pretty bag. 
4. Flats. As a college student you don't want to be late on the first day because some professors orient for 30 mins and use half of the time starting the class with a lesson. Trust me, you really don't want to be late. And college requires a lot of room transferring, building to building change, and 10-minute brisk walking.
5. Glasses. If you're legally blind like me, you better get ready with this. Sometimes if you have the freedom to choose your seat most of the time you'll pick the place at the back so you wouldn't get pick and yet you have the disadvantage of not seeing the board or the projector clearly because.. well, you're blind. 
6. Keep the rest of the accessories simple. In an art school, no one take this seriously because.. everyone's free to be anyone. But on your first day? I suggest everything simple because it would be a lot stress-free without layers and layers of accessories on.
7. Notebook. Ofcourse, you need one to write down your professor's requirements and names! And bring an ipad to kill free time if you have long breaks like mine. 

I guess that's it? Remember to be confident, be clean, look clean, stay simple and ofcourse, be you!

Have fun on your first day of class!


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