Fashion Peg: EEW - Eek! Exam Week!

8:20 PM

Midterms week has finally arrived! For most of you? All you've got to be stressed about is studying. In an art school, we stress about what to wear and studying. See the difference?

Here's your full-proof midterm outfit to go and essentials!

1. Plaid polo - you can just snatch it up right in your closet and wear it over anything. In case it gets too cold in class, your mind won't be able to think. The cloth isn't thick enough to preserve heat in your body as well so it's perfect for all types of weather.
2. Shirts or Tank Tops - Just throw anything in. A plaid polo gives you freedom to choose what to mix it with inside or, if not, just wear the plaid polo without those.
3. Jeans - What else. A skater skirt might be good too but you won't feel comfortable answering your exams with that, right?
4. Your trusty old Sneakers
5. Rucksack - to keep all your books and notebooks in tact.

1. Coffee - if you're in college, coffee would probably be your best friend. All those late night studying, project deadlines, org activities? You can't just catch up without this handy fella!
2. Notebook - This is where you study your own notes. Studying your own notes is far more easier than photocopying a friend's notes or borrowing one. It let's you remember stuff more and you can easily understand your own handwriting.
3. Books - Get a hold of your books or copies of powerpoint presentations of your professors, this is where the real world comes in. All the test questions is taken from here.

How to accessorize:
1. BE SIMPLE - You're taking an exam, not walking down a runway. Wear simple earrings that won't bother you while you write down your answers. Don't wear dangling earrings or big fat heavy one's. Or wear a lot of accessories too.
2. BE READY - Having a watch makes you alert on how much time left you have answering your exam. You can check it time to time if you're stuck writing an essay and there's still a few numbers left to be answered.
3. BE COOL - Keep calm, girl! If you're legally blind like me, remember to dust off the specs and keep it shiny to wake up your eyes.

And the most important part,
Stay calm, anxiety makes your brain go koo-koo because it sends signals to "Panic!! You forgot what you've studied last night!!" Get the picture?

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