The Mocha Diaries #4 - #FromNewYorkwithLove

9:25 PM

I've heard a lot of questions about my dream places in the world: "Of all places, why New York?"

Why? Simple because it's the city of dreams. They said: "It's polluted!". Well, so as Manila! But I survived here for a year now and how could I not survive there? They said: "It's one of the most dangerous countries!". But so as every country in the world! I have the initiative to go home before dark, or I won't go out the house by 10pm onwards. Because, seriously, who on earth would be so stupid to go out alone.. in the dark.. in the most dangerous cities in the world? I will take care of myself. I know how to mingle, I'll make friends, I'll adapt. I've always adapt. I'm a chameleon. A fat chameleon. But that's the thing you know? It's my dream. Everyone has a dream, right? Why ruin mine?

That's why this coming 26th of July, I opted for the best theme I could ever think of. #FromNYwithLove

Photo's by the lovely Chini Reyes. Visit her photo blog here: But the whole media processing/edit is by yours truly.

From New York With Love
They call it the city that never sleeps
Where dreams at large; everything in heaps
Let's walk through the streets of the city
Like a traveler from the distant stars
Stay up until the break of dawn,
With music, food and the bar
Hang out with strangers,
meet some new friends
Dance like no one's watching
Until the evening ends
The New York dawns are cold and grey
And daylight.. washes the dreams away.
Let's not end the night of the dreams above,
Infact let's stay up really late..
From New York with love.

Poem by yours truly
Reference from various sites of google. 


Here is thy official invitation. I want to celebrate it all with the people I grew up with, physically, mentally and spiritually. I learned a lot from the people around me. I am a product of adaptation and new environments all compiled into one upbeat fab looking soul. 

T-minus 4 days until the party! I still have loads of stuff to prepare! Woot. What a crazy week. I have two pending speeches to prepare, I have meet-ups, quizzes and a shoot all in 4 days. That should keep me busy before the big day. I would really look smashing! All haggard and bug eyed! *insert sarcastic voice here* 

But anyway, GV all over everyone! Hope the week goes by a little slower. 

For now, here's my week's jam! 

Enjoy, love! <3

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