The Mocha Diaries #3: The Good Things in July

7:09 PM

July 1

I woke up extremely preppy. I had a free cut in the morning so I had to come by school at 12 noon because I have to attend Oralcom lab because Rianne is using my hair as her model. I was pumped up the whole day. Drank a whole cup of coffee in the morning, insert crazy dance somewhere, and another ice coffee in the afternoon. No wonder I'm so hyper.

Then when afternoon came, I went out to MOA with my parents to search for my debut dress (I'll blog about my debut soonest) I don't want to buy something I can't wear in the future so I opted to buy party dresses somewhere in Zara, Forever 21, Mango and Topshop. Little did we knew it was the season end sale and I got so lucky that I found the perfect dress I had in mind! (With a few unexpected turn of events, though.) Life couldn't get any luckier! And when we went up the cashier where we thought it was 5k plus the price went down to Php 2,800! What a deal! Thank god for the sale! <3

Evening came, where I hustled up immediately searching for the right codes to fix the site. That night, The SDA Project is going to be relaunched at 9pm and the site wasn't ready.. yet. So after a few tweaks and heart thumps, Bjorn found a way to fix everything and the site looked amazingly clean! It was such a fun night promoting TSP's new site! Visit us here:

July 2

I met a color. Yes, you read that right. A color! Can you guess what's her name is?
She's Cyan. It's sounds amazing, too! What wise parents she has.

That afternoon of July 2, I was all alone in cathwor class and we didn't do anything but check our quiz and attendance since our midterms starts on thursday so it was a free time. After the class I went straight to the commons so I could take a quick nap before my next class starts at 4:20. We were dismissed early so I had a few hours to spare. When I came inside commons it was loaded of students who, apparently, planned to do the same thing I was supposed to do. I searched around the room to see if there's any vacant seats left and there it was, right in front of a girl wearing this gorgeous red beret. I went up this girl and asked if the seat was taken. Luckily for me it wasn't so I sat and opened my itouch to search for some wifi signal.

And last thing I knew, I was talking to Cyan who's from California. I asked a lot of stuff about New York (because she had been there a lot of times) and boy she didn't quite like the idea of NYC because it's dangerous with crazy busy streets and everyone's moving. But I like the idea of the busy life. I need more of that. She told me a lot of stories of her gorgeous british/american boyfriends, too.

She's really special and she's easy to talk to. She has loads of stories to tell (which I loved, btw.) I consider her as a new friend that I could have chill moments when I have hours to spare before my classes.

July 3.

Wednesday morning consists of California maki and apples. We got free food from the demo speeches held today. It was batch by batch and my batch is on wednesday, next week. So I pretty have a lot of time to prepare.

After classes at 9:30 am, I went out with my parents and we all commuted going to Cubao where we will buy studs for my midterms. It was my Dad's first time to ride a jeep and an LRT so he was so psyched that day! He was used to driving and riding taxi's and cars so he never got the time to ride philippine's famous transportation!

July 4.

It's one whole day of midterm exams. It was loaded on three minor subjects and boy it was pain in the ass. Luckily though, my professors were incredibly nice. Two of them (mostly the girls) gave us an open notes exam. So it was just a breeze.. for the most part, I guess? And one subject (Cathwor) was just terrible. I love God, no doubt but I never actually learned a lot about him, you know? But that doesn't mean my faith is weak. It's just that I'm not bound by it's rules and it's history.

I may haven't told you guys that I have a huge fascination of Black Matte Cars. Yes, yes I do. I love them. It looks so sexy, you know? It all started when my brother infused me with Fast and the Furious movie marathons. I fell inlove with black matte cars. It sounds boyish but I'd really love the fact that after you drive that baby out and when the moment you step out the car and BAM, that impact people see when they see you (as a girl) driving it will kill it! They'll probably say "Woah, a chick is driving that car?!"

And alas, I finally saw two black matte cars awhile ago while I was walking home. It ran pass by me and boy it sounds good, too! See what I mean with "impact"?



Sorry it took me awhile to post new stuff in my blog I got caught up with school, TSP and my debut planning (which I will blog about soon)

I made drafts already so they'll be up soon in Chic Le Manila!

Ciao, for now! :)

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