Her Playlist: That Afternoon Nap

11:28 PM

I love siestas (otherwise known as Afternoon Naps!)

You know that feeling when the clock strikes 1 in the afternoon? You eyes suddenly felt heavy and you can't control your sleepiness? And the fact that it's just 1pm? That's your body's way of saying: Take a quick 2 hour rest.

And after you wake up? You'll be awake enough to survive the day! It's a quick remedy if you're going out the whole day or if you have classes until 9pm. OR if you have unfinished plates to do later at night.

The playlist consists of:

  1. Here, There and Everywhere by The Beatles
  2. Kiss by TC & Sam Kang
  3. Missing Piece by David Choi
  4. Lego House by Ed Sheeran
  5. World In Front Of Me by Kina Grannis
  6. Underneath Your Love by David Choi
  7. Stay Just A Little by Kina Grannis
  8. Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles
Posting this late at night (MNL time) would be very inappropriate since it's already 11pm. BUT, you can't blame me.. I'm on New York time /divahairflip (Hello, BFF for teaching me that.) It's still 11am there and they'll about to experience that afternoon nap. *smug*

Enjoy! xoxo

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