Fashion Peg: Road Trip

11:23 PM

Road Trip

"There's gotta be more to life.. than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me."

I have no regrets.

Last Saturday I asked my parent's permission to this tagaytay overnight trip with my blockmates. My parents were definitely hesitant, they asked a bunch of questions like: Who am I with? When is it? What's the occassion? How many girls? Are there guys? You know, usual list of questions.

It's hard being a girl. It ain't easy to be out with people without asking permission and give details to my parents. It sucks but I have to put up with it.

I got turned down, unfortunately. But I expected it. My father is very hard to convince, he has his own principles and he can predict what would happen.

The thing that I love about my parents is that, they're open. It's okay that we drink, it's okay that I have friends who smoke; they trust me, no doubt. But they have their reasons why they didn't allow me on this little trip.

In Dad's words "You'll not die from not going to that trip. There are tons of opportunities out there. It's just not now."  

And the weird thing is? I don't feel bad about not going. It's funny maybe because my parents rejected me sweetly. They even said inspirational stuff that made me feel better. When it was 11:11 that night, I wished that this week would be worth it.

It's the 3rd day already and so far? I've been spending my time wisely! HUZZAH!

Since the trip is scheduled tomorrow, I figured since I can't go for tomorrows outing I made a "Her Pegs" post about what I would wear on a road trip!

The essentials?

  1.  Heart Shaped Sunnies
  2. That Holga cam (Even though I don't own one.. yet. But I would bring my camera along though)
  3. Rucksack - Just to keep all my things
  4. Sneakers
  5. High waisted shorts - Just cause It's been a trend for me nowadays. I've been on a lookout for more HW shorts.
  6. And striped mid-rib top - Well.. if I had abs, this would've worked. A girl can dream!
And yes, my peg here is the ever so pretty Taylor Swift, I just love her to bits. 

Oh well, at least I've had a blast this past few days! Hope to continue the fun this term break! Inhale good vibes everyone! 


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