DIY: The Carrie Diaries Bag

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I'm back to creating DIYs! Yay! This entry is dedicated to my new favorite series: The Carrie Diaries!

I can't begin to share my love for this tv show! The 80s fashion? New York? Working for a magazine? A hot bad boy named Sebastian? It just can't get better than this!

So! What's today's item?? The insanely easy infamous Carrie Purse! I'm on episode 10 of Season 2 already and I just can't wait for the next episode already! I can't get enough of Carrie, her life and Sebastian. Good god, Sebastian. How will I even describe this gorgeous boy?

Even this GIF of him can't do justice! Sebastian is every girls dream guy. A bit of a bad boy type, gentleman, pursues you to the end, has gorgeous smile, cares for you & for the people you love, respects you, will even do a grand gesture to show his love for you.. and did I say his gorgeous smile?

Wait, I lost my point. Anyhow, let's start with the DIY!

As you can see Carrie has a purse which is the only reminder of her mom for her and then Dorrit came in and ruined her purse with nail polish! Now, brilliant Carrie found a way to fix the problem and made a equally fantastic and brilliant colorful purse!

I actually have the same kind of purse that Carrie has and it's also from my Mum! The problem with the purse is that it's already imprinted with Louis Vuitton logo's. My Mum will kill me if I ruined her vintage purse so I found my vintage backpack from the rack and just deal with it! And I'm loving the results!

What you will be needing for this DIY:
  1. An old black purse/backpack or any other bag that is vintage that you want to recreate! I got mine from a thrift shop in Cubao. I was supposed to DIY it and add in a few studs.. but I thought this was perfect for this DIY! (Photo from Google. I forgot to take a photo of the before look of the bag. Oops.)
  2. Nail polish! The brighter, the colorful-er, the better! Preferably neon colors like blue, magenta/pink, yellow, orange, red & green. Your pick! As long as it can be seen well on the bag. 
  3. Newspapers. Maybe not a stack of them, just a few to cover up the floor or table where you'll be doing your work. (I kind of.. messed up the floor of my room though. So don't forget to cover up the workplace well!)
Optional: You can add in an old paint brush & a palette to dip and pour in the nail polish. 

The instructions are waaaayy too easy, so don't worry! 

Step #1: Prepare your materials. Lay in the newspapers on the floor so it won't stain and your mom won't kill you. 
Step #2: Pour in the nail polish on a palette & dip. When you take a glob full of paint start throwing at it on the bag/purse! Go ahead and splatter the paint on to the places you want it to be seen! Remember to splash it on the front and back (Because I almost forgot to fill up the back part of the backpack. Yikes!)
Step #3: Don't be afraid to make mistakes! It shouldn't look perfect anyway. The messier it is the better it will look!
Step #4: Add in a perfect touch of your name on the top. Since I don't have a magenta colored nail polish, I used a beautiful red acrylic paint.
Step #5: Let it dry overnight. The bag is as good as ready as soon as you wake up tomorrow.

And that's it! Tadaaa! It's easy, it's messy & it's fun to make! Go ahead and get your old nail polish & black bags put to work!

Here's the result of my late night creativity. Hope you guys had fun with this tutorial.

Look, even Sebastian Kydd is proud of me.. I made him smile :') *fangirl squeel* Well, I'll leave you guys with this adorable GIF of him from tumblr!


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