Pins of the Week: Beauty + Iconic, Dark & Neutrals

3:42 PM



  •  I just miss seeing the Olsens. Their gorgeous pouted lips and jawline are to die for. 
  •  Never miss a re-pin without Cara Delevigne in your pinterest board. I mean, seriously.
  • Come on, Blake Lively in black and white & smokey eyes? Perfect combo.
  • I have this inner crave for dark lips now. 
  • Look at that cutesy smile!
  • Coz it's Lily fucking Collins! Screw you if you don't know her. 
  • Pretty girl behind frames <3 
  • Freckles!
  • Those gorgeous green eyes *melts*

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A new addition to the blog! POW (Pins of the Week!) Since Pinterest has become my second home, I figured I'll share my favorite pins each week! From Beauty, to Photography, to Make up tutorials and more! I got the idea from Ellie of Hello, Ellie. See her set here

So, What's your favorite pins for this week?


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