Strawberries & Iced Tea

1:01 PM

I've written down a resolution last month about living a healthy lifestyle. I was afraid I wasn't going to achieve that goal too soon. But I underestimated myself. It's still January but I'm still sticking to a healthy diet. I drink a lot. I eat fruits & veggies a lot. I don't eat fast food anymore. I literally made green tea and coffee my water. I rarely eat chips (If I do, I get the spicy ones..). I walk home from school. I don't eat rice anymore. I've been adding random fruits to my oatmeal (which I normally don't do because I hate mixing food with fruits..). And I've been happy.

It's amazing how I mentally tell myself to not ruin the diet every single day and I slowly get used to it. Making myself conscious works for me. Telling myself "No, don't go there." "Do you want to gain back that pound?" makes me healthy emotionally & physically!

I just love the feeling of losing weight & gaining confidence every time I wake up. It's very overwhelming & refreshing feeling for me. I just need to trust in myself that I will never cheat a day.


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  1. You're doing well and you will continue to do well :)

    1. Thanks Ellie! I needed that <3 :)




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