The Mocha Diaries #8: Her Happy List

4:00 PM

  1. Launch of my new blog <3
  2. Finished a new project for Chissai
  3. Photography majors this term
  4. Buying film for a photography class
  5. Window shopping at Hidalgo
  6. Grocery shopping for fruits 
  7. My cameras found a new home on a storage box
  8. I love my monday subjects!
  9. I finally got to see how one develops a film!
  10. Aced the recitation for profes1 class that requires intensive reading
  11. My carrie diaries inspired bag
  12. photoshoots for visuali class (fuuuunn) 
  13. Unexpected surprising news from my family
  14. My favorite teleserye just got better
  15. Cold cold cooold mornings
  16. Chat conversations 
  17. Photoshoots! <3
  18. Fun project plates for design principles class
  19. My new DIY lights 
  20. Basically this whole week <3
(C. The Happy List by Camie Juan) 

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