Pins Of The Week: Hair + Brunette, Mid & Pastel

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It's been a month since I last posted, I apologize for that. It has been crazy these past few weeks. I got caught up with our midterms, projects and many other school related things. So to make up for the mini-hiatus, here's an eye candy for ya!

I have this massive fetish for hair. When I was a kid, I never even cared about my lovely locks.. heck I don't even brush it! My Mum does all the work, I have her to thank for my gorgeous strong hair that I have today. I've always had long hair since I was a kid. My Dad calls it his "charm". If my hair is long, his work goes well and abundant.. (And it has been like that for years! I started to believe in it after.) But when I tried to cut off my hair (yes, 10 inches. It turned into an ugly bob cut) My dad suddenly got cut off from his contract at work and my life started to change since then.

See how important my locks is for my family? It may sound funny but it is what it is! But then I had this urge to cut off my hair again (even though I know my dad's new job has been going well for now.. I don't want to risk that) I promise I don't want to cut it ALL off again. I want mid-length hair. Something I've been craving for a while. Change. I need change!

My friends kept stopping me saying things like "No, your hair is too precious!" "We love your long messy hair!" "I'll strangle you if you cut your hair!!" But it's part of my "New Me" program. I can't help but to think of having mid-length hair or how would it look on me. Would I look even chubbier? Or more mature? I need to answer those questions. Stat. You see my frustration?

What do you think? Should I?


P.S. I love pastel hair! Too bad I can't pull that off :)) OR maybe, later in my 20s, I guess?

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