To You

3:03 PM

Whoever and wherever you are, I have been patiently waiting for you.

It may seem like love is not part of my priorities yet and I think about my future a lot.. But I will take you wholeheartedly if ever you come into my life any time soon. Before anything else happens I just want you to know that I am waiting. I'm waiting for you and I'm waiting for us to happen.

One day we'll be walking down the city getting lost together and we'll have a cute argument about how you don't want to ask people for directions. I'll cuddle and watch movies with you (I'm not picky when it comes to movies. I promise.) If you prefer action than cheesy romantic comedies then that's fine with me. As long as we'll take turns. I'll learn how to cook for you; I have the best parent's to teach me how to cook gourmet food, I swear. And you'll meet them as soon as we're ready.

One day I'll show you the things I love like the little things in life. I'll tell you the craziest things I've always wanted to do like sky diving even though I have a slight fear of heights, or parasailing since I want to see the world beneath me. We'll go on fun dates together or better yet just stay at home in our pajamas and snack on popcorn and pizza. You'll teach me through your heart and mind, so I'll know how to adjust being with you. You'll teach me the talents you have (if there is any.. if there isn't, I'll still accept you.) I'll be there for you for anything you need me for. If you want a shoulder to cry on (I won't judge, I promise.), a quick re-energized hug, or have a 20 minute power nap with.. I'll be your girl. We'll motivate each other to do the best we can do in our work.

When we meet, I apologize if I'm awkward and weird but DO know that, that awkward girl will be with you the entire relationship and you have to put up with my quirky personality and constant mood swings. But I do promise that I am a very optimistic person. So a day with me will be a day full of smiles and constant laughs.

When we fall, (knowing me, I'll fall so hard), we'll let each other grow even though we'll have these cute petty fights.. I'll let you win an argument if that helps me to not lose you. (Isn't that a good deal?) I will learn about you, your country and your religion. I will learn how to speak your language so we'll be on the same train with each other and I promise to love your family the same way you love them.

We'll get married.. or maybe not. But rest assured that you will feel as if you and I were meant to be.

So, wherever you may be and whoever you are. I hope you are doing well. The universe has it's way to make things fall in to place. We'll be in each other's arms sooner or later. When it does, we will conquer the world together. We'll spread positivity and love everywhere we go. We will not be afraid of doing what everyone else is afraid to do. We'll do everything with each other.

You will be able to see me amidst the challenges you put up to, because you are brave enough to look. And I will look back at you (whatever color your eyes are, I'm sure they're lovely) and we'll smile. That meaningful and sincere smile that we have never given to anyone before. Because deep inside we know that this is what we've always been looking for; that it was worth the wait; that this is what if feels like to finally find each other.

See you soon.


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