Another try

9:00 AM

Aaaaaaand, she's back! Hello again!

How long have I've been hiatus? 1 year and 5 months? Wow. I seriously got a knack of being on hiatus all the time. Sorry about that. I've been trying this blogging for years now and I never succeed! I get so lazy after a few months and then I lose motivation. Hopefully, this will turn out well? I don't know why I always fall out of habit of blogging but I will try to get back on doing what I love.

And you may be thinking, why did I decide to resurrect this blog at the late end of the year? Well, because I just feel like it. I have time. I'm free. I'll blog. 

So anyway! I just finished revamping the whole blog, made drafts and planning all my posts. And I figured, since I'm graduating, why not start all over again? (For the nth time. Haha!)

So, How about an introduction? See what's new? :)

You can see all my categories cleanly listed above the header of the site. Problem is, I'm still fixing the drop down option. (Seems like the theme doesn't support drop down menus)

So for now, you can find all the categories and sub categories on my sidebar!

Above the categories are where you can find my social media links and again on the rightmost part above the header along with a search option, so you guys can make a quick search around the blog. 

I'll walk you guys through my categories real quick.

Under Fashion & Beauty so far are "Her Pegs" & "Pins of the week". 
  • Her Pegs are usually style posts, fashion shoot pegs & inspirations!
  • Whilst, Pins of the week, are basically what it says it should be. I usually pin a lot of fashion and beauty on my pinterest account so I figured why not share it with you guys! All photos will be from pinterest unless stated otherwise. 
And ofcourse, expect some beauty hauls and other fashion related posts under this category!

  • Mocha Diaries are my personal posts, late night thoughts, ramblings, open letters and whatnot. This will also include my life lately. So it's really just anything written from the heart. 
  • Her Happy List! I got this idea from another lifestyle and travel blogger, Camie Juan. It's basically a lists of things I'm happy about. So I thought, since I'm happy about a lot of things, I'd love to share it with you guys! (I had my first two happy lists here.)
  • Food & DIY. Combined these two because they're somewhat related. These past months I finally learned to cook and I find it amusing to create new recipes. (I have a blood of a Chef. So I'm not surprised about that. I just grew up thinking I could never have my Dad's passion in cooking. But here I am now, making recipes on my own!) And ofcourse, DIY. My blog wouldn't be complete without this. All my past DIYs are still under here.  
  • And Events. I have 2 coming up for this month & next month. So stay tuned for that!
Last category is Travel!

Now that I'm almost graduating, I really really want to travel. Locally or abroad wherever it may take me. I'm game for all those exciting adventures. You'll be expecting just local travels, for now
  • Travel Bucketlists is another idea I borrowed from the same blogger, Camie. I've always wanted to write down the places I plan to go to, what would I do, what would my itinerary would be, what places will I visit, what will I buy and the like. I have 2 places on top of my head right now and it's all chilling in my drafts. 
  • Photo Diaries are basically photo heavy posts about my trips & getaways. 
  • Youtube Adventures. What's this??? A new sub category? Well, I've been meaning to try this out. I'm still working on it. I've been itching to edit videos for a while. My youtube adventures are just quick weekly recap of what's been happening with my week lately, or if I do travel there would be travel diaries. (I wish I stick to this tho. It all seems fun when I was planning it and shooting.)
And that's it for the categories! 

I also updated the individual pages as well. Added in a contact form for my contacts page so it's easier to receive emails.

For the footer (which I'm still iffy on) you can find popular posts, another search box and a disclaimer. My instagram feed is located beneath the footer container as well.

And we're done! I hope you guys are interested on dropping by on my future posts! I have my current happy list up next! So, see you then? 

Welcome to heyitsmocha v2.1! 


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