Her Happy List

11:00 AM

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  1. First G.N.O with the girls. "Live fast die young bad girls do it well." HAHA! 
  2. Valentines party (again with the girls) Year 2! 
  3. Met my new obsession. 
  4. Got published for Manila Bulletin, Style Weekend!! (Yaaass!)
  5. Moved to a new home. (Goodbye Taft life! Hello province!) + Got published for Candy magazine! 
  6. OJT with Sir Ronan. (Boy this month was fun!)
  7. My best-est friends surprised me on my 20th birthday. (Also! #20for20)
  8. Said "obsession" is coming to Manila on Nov 14th. I bought tickets, it was crowded & I got front row. BOOM. 
  9. Finally gained back my motivation for blogging! (Yay!) 
  10. I'm finally graduating for college!! (On the 24rth of October!)
This year has been crazy since my hiatus. Above are lists of things I'm happy (and thankful) of for the last 8 months till present (Including upcoming October!) 

Oh, what a fun year so far! What have you been happy about? 

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