Travel Bucketlist: New York

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*cues Alicia Key's New York song* Concrete jungle where dreams are made of!

Wednesdays calls for travels, wishes, dreams, events and bucketlists! I said on my last intro post that I have 2 travel bucketlists on top of my head. And number 1 is most definitely, New York. Anyone who personally knows me, know very well with my love for NYC. Everyone seems so enthralled by the big apple, right? And I bet New Yorkers just think it's just like any other city.

But for me? New York is my crème de la crème. It's the birth of my passion. It's my core. Who I am is all from the idea of New York. It's the reason why I always dream to be a fashion photographer, work in fashion, why I love magazines, why I love cities so much, why I dream big.

New York has 5 boroughs, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island. I won't be going through all five because mainly my lists is all in Manhattan and a few can be found in Brooklyn. I've narrowed down (in no particular order) a list of things that I want to do, experience, & to buy whenever I get the chance to visit New York.

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1. Wake up in New York. -- I've always wanted to arrive in New York at night and I'll wake up seeing Manhattan or Central park beneath me.
2. Get luxury hotel nights at The Plaza. (Just so I could fulfill the glorious feeling of the bucketlist #1 above. Haha!) Just for a day or two whichever I can afford.

    3. Get a bagel and a coffee to go for breakfast. (What? I'm a "Devil Wears Prada" fan!)

    4. And yes, I'll eat it infront of Tiffany's. *wink wink nudge nudge* Breakfast at Tiffany's.&nbsp
    5. And while we're at Tiffany's, I'd like to buy myself some jewelries too! (Or just try out some rings. Haha)

    6. Have coffee at the F.R.I.E.N.D.S pop up store, Central Perk! (Yep, huge Friends fan here too! Who wouldn't want to sit at the famous orange couch and get big mugs of coffee?)
    7. Visit New York in December. 

    8. While we're at that, Spend Christmas in New York! (I read too much christmas books and movies about christmas in New York that I just can't help but to want to experience it myself! *cues song* It's the most, wonderful tiiimee of the year!) 
    9. And Ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza! (Don't know how and I'll probably look like a baby duck trying to skate but what the heck.) 

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    10. See Lady Liberty up close. (I can't count how many statue of liberties I have in my room assorting from keychains to wallpapers and wall decors to organizers. I need to see Lady Liberty!)
    11. Visit the Boathouse in Central Park

    12. Read a book at the New York Public Library. (I'll spend the whole day reading if I could *fix glasses*) 

    13. Buy an I love NYC shirt. (This movie was the start of my New York dreams btw. I can't count how many times I watched this as a kid.) 

    14. Take a yellow cab & get to say "Follow that car!!" (Or just you know, enter the cab and be fabulous in Louboutin's.) 

    15. Buy a gorgeous pair of Manolo Blahnik. (I'm also SATC fan. Carrie is my spirit animal.)

    16. Get lost at Macy's. (And probably, get out with bags and bags of things. But, Have you seen how big it is?!)
    17. Explore the subway. (I hear there are lots of random things happening there.) 

    18. Take a morning jog at Central Park. (Or a brisk walk like Liv.)
    19. Order chinese food!! (I think this is a staple in most movies filmed in New York. They always order chinese food. And they eat it off those cute boxes.) 

    (photo: source

    20. Watch the ball drop on New Years Eve! (I mean, hello? Who wouldn't want to see this??)

    21. Buy a hotdog at the hotdog stands. (Not because I just want change so I could buy a green scarf. But I will probably get a scarf.) 

    22. Get my hair done in gorgeous brunette. (This Carrie transformation was my fave part in the movie tbh.)
    23. Spend a day in Luna Park, Coney Island in Brooklyn. (And feast on cotton candies & scream my heart out on rides. And!! Put Beyonce's XO on loop & dance! Cause, why not??) 

    24. Take a stroll at the Brooklyn bridge. 

    25. Go to a club in Manhattan. (Until my feet hurts dancing & until I crave for some late night pizza binge.)

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    26. See a broadway play. (Phantom of the Opera is a must! Or Vanessa Hudgen's GIGI the Musical!) 

    27. Attend a fashion show during NY Fashion Week. (And sit front row. And sit beside Anna Wintour. Or Victoria Beckham.. Haha. Hey! A girl can dream!)

    28. Shop in NYC. (I'm sorry, I have a blood of a shopaholic. Reason why this list includes my things to buy as well. Buying something in another country just excites me, okay. And I'll pay for excess baggage if it makes me!)
    29. Drink the famous, Bloody Mary at the King Cole Bar at St. Regis for brunch. (I've heard so much good things about it and I really want to try it out for myself!) 

    30. Get lost in Time Square. ('Nuff said.) 

    And on and on. I swear, this list was really fun to make! I've always loved New York ever since that's why I'm so excited to show what I'd do if I ever visit New York. And again, I didn't cover the 5 borough's of NYC as much but as you can see, my lists are inspired from the movies I've watched. So I'm just around Manhattan & Brooklyn. Although I'm really open to know more places to go to and fun things to do around the 5 borough's.

    New York always reminds me to never stop dreaming. Never not dream big. Don't wait for opportunities, make opportunities. Make things happen for you. And if you're struggling along the way, remember why you always started. "Never give up on things you can't live a day without." So, don't ever ever give up. Stay motivated & focus on your goals.

    New York is achievable with hard work & passion. It's popularly known for the city where dreams are made of. (Key word: made of.) They don't magically happen to you, you make them.

    So for now continue dreaming big & I'll see you soon, New York.

    P.S. This was my first travel bucketlist entry! I hope you guys had fun going through the list! I'll share more of these soon!

    Disclaimer: Photo's are not mine. Sources can be found below the photo's. Mostly found in tumblr, pinterest & google. Some photo's don't have credit because I forgot where I got them. And some are my screencaps from movies. So if you find your photo here, let me know & I'll give you credit.

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