Dear Future Me

10:00 AM

One night, one of my closest college friends personally messaged me on facebook saying she just received a letter from herself from last year. And we freaked about how cool that was because we totally forgot about it until the letter came in her email that night!

What am I talking about?

Well, I got inspired about this famous local movie, Starting Over Again, where the lead actor sent the lead actress an email meant to be read 4 years later. I find it so interesting that I'd want to send myself and few people I love a future letter as well!

So I researched a real site on google that allows you to send future emails! (Unfortunately, it's only meant to be sent for yourself because it sends a confirmation letter to the email. So it wouldn't be very surprising.)

But, voila! The site is called And there I went crazy with the emails, you can send one up to year 2060! I for one sent myself a birthday letter 5 years into the future, where I'll be 25. And I wrote down some of the the things I want to ask & remind myself in the future.

So to future me

First of all, wherever you are now, wherever you're reading this (in your own apartment, or a new house with the fam) and whatever point in time you are now, I am so so so proud of you! You did it! You survived those past 5 years! You may have struggled, have gone through something, got hired? got fired? Whatever is happening to your life right now, your 20 year old self is proud. You're a lioness remember?! You were a fighter then and you're still a fighter now! 

So, how are you? How have you been these past 5 years? I hope you're a lot wiser now than your 2015 self? What have you been up to lately? Do you have the career you love? Still photography? Have you been published a lot? Are you still blogging? Have you traveled? Have you been to New York City? Been to Time Square? Or Seoul maybe? Speaking of Seoul, What are your hobbies now? Are you still obsessing with k-pop idols? (HAHA!) I'm not saying a group name yet but I bet you know who I meant now huh? And your bias just popped in your head? I know you're smiling & giggling to yourself right now too. Stop it. You might be reading this in public. It's embarrassing. 

Anyway, how's your friends? Are you still in contact with all of them? How about your family? I hope you're still close with Mom. God, I'll time travel right now to slap you if you aren't. Don't ever forget family, alright? How's Kuya? Has he been married yet?! God, how old should he be this year? In his 30s?! I hope you have nephews or nieces now! If you do, tell them I said Hi! 

So that's it! Always remember to love yourself first okay? Take care of yourself, give proper nutrients to your body, exercise, live happily!

I love you future self! I just hope you're well at 25.

Your 20 year old self. 

So how about you guys? What do you want to say to yourself in the future?

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