Her Happy List #2

10:00 AM

(Background photo cr: pinterest + source)

  1. Dad's finally home.
  2. A complete family dinner
  3. Lots of pasalubongs! (And chocolates! Oh my god. My teeth.) 
  4. Had a facial after a very long time. 
  5. Night seafood barbeque!!
  6. Celebrating Dad's birthday. 
  7. SAMBOKOJIN. (I'm not going to elaborate more on that)
  8. Early morning travel to Pink Sisters in Tagaytay (To give thanks)
  9. Traveling back to my hometown, Cebu. 
  10. I'm finally a graduate of College of St. Benilde, Bachelor in Arts, Major in Photography. (Book me!) 

What are you happy about this month? 

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