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I'm seriously been obsessing with leather jackets lately. I tried to ignore the craving for the clothing but pinterest isn't helping me at all! I've also been bugging my friends about my current love for leather jackets because there's this local tv show here where the location is set to be at San Francisco. So the lead actress always wears this gorgeous black leather jacket. And It just won't stop haunting me. So I figured, I should dedicate my first Pins of the week about it!

Leather jackets is one of the classic essential/staple pieces you should have in your wardrobe right now. It instantly toughens up a look. You can go from lazy outfit to badass biker girl in a snap. And you can wear it with anything; leather skirts, black slit jeans, casual denims, crops, rompers/shorts, dresses & more! It can make your "get & go" outfit feel like you're all made up without even trying.

Plus, you can wear it on any occasions! Ordering mcdonalds at 3am? Grab that leather jacket. You have that dreadful family reunion where your tita's & tito's will be asking you if you have a boyfriend already? Wear that jacket so they won't go near you. You need to buy eggs and milk? Grocery shop like a boss with the leather jacket on. Or you have a hangover from last nights rave/clubbing with the girls but you have a meeting the next day? Leather jacket. Well, unless you're working at a corporate company which requires a uniform or blazers? Ignore this part. But in any occasions? Leather jacket. 

Now as much as I love rambling about my love for leather jackets, you might be thinking why shouldn't I just get one? Well, here's the arguments I've been having with myself:

1. The weather doesn't let me. You may look badass on the outside but inside, you'll be streaming from sweat. Leather jackets are usually sewed with silks inside to keep you warm. It's a popular clothing for winter/cold seasons in other countries. In our country, we're blessed with tropical climate. So we really don't have winter season here. (Unless, you're one of the lucky few who lives in Baguio or Tagaytay in the Philippines then congratulations.) But you see where my frustration enters?
2. The only days I could wear them is when it's raining. I mean, you can't put on layers here in the Philippines. People will think you're a nutjob! Even wearing a cardigan on a normal day, you'd look like from outer space.
3. Leather jacket is crazy expensive. (Well, most of the leather jackets I saw, was. It ranged from 1k-2k plus.) Although there are also cheap alternatives like in the ukay or thrift stores. But if you'd want one with good quality, brands like Zara, Topshop, H&M & Forever21 are your best bet.
4. Leather Jacket = Oven. Back to main reason #1. Wearing leather jacket here feels like bringing an oven with you on a daily basis. Unless you're heading to a place where it's air conditioned or cold areas like Tagaytay or Baguio, by all means wear one. But I mostly do errands around the city, like Manila or Makati. So it's really far from being cold there.
5. I'll just repeat this one last time, The weather doesn't let me. 'Nuff said.

Now you understand? That's why I'm stuck in between of coveting an article of clothing, admiring the outfits I see on pinterest,  and being crazy jealous of an actress who gets to wear a leather jacket on a show. /sigh

So if you're from the Philippines and you consider buying this classic piece nonetheless? Here's brilliant tips I found from an australian fashion blog Harper & Harley: source. Her tips are your key to finding the right leather jacket for you.

I'll let you guys know if I do come to a conclusion if I should get one or not. Will it be worth it?

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