Pins Of The Week: Slip, Shirt, & Denim

10:00 AM

Here's to another week of pinterest fashion! This one's a mix of three clothing pieces. Slip & Shirt Dresses, & Denim Jackets. 

Slip Dresses

These slip dresses are not just undergarments & for sleep wear anymore! These days, it has become a major style statement! Trend-setters are wearing it in every way. Layered with cardigans, wearing it over with a shirt, or solo with minimal accessories. Just pair it up with your favorite foot wear & you're good to go! 

Shirt Dresses

Probably one of my favorites in this set. I have loads of these in my closet. Shirt dresses are perfect for warm weather, it's classy & it's just perfect for any style type. Yes, an oversize shirt borrowed (or stolen) from your brother or boyfriend can be your instant shirt dress too. And I just can't add the ever classic white shirt dress, this classic piece can be worn in a lot of ways. It's a perfect combo to wear when you want to be casual by day & still classy chic by night. Just change up your accessories & no one will ever notice.

Denim (And no, I don't mean jeans) 

Denim is a wardrobe essential, we can never not have one in our closets. May it be your casual everyday/boyfriend jeans or the trendy distressed jeans. But this I dedicate to the three denim photo's I have above which are currently on my on look out list on my next shopping venture. A denim jacket is your perfect dress down piece. One of these can make your ball gown look casual. (It's a joke. But you get it, right?) And yes, the denim skirts are back in style again after for a long time! I remember seeing one of these on Britney Spears way back in the 90's. (I had one but I think I never actually wore it.) I'm in a look out for denim front button skirts as well, I want to join the denim skirt bandwagon. Lastly, denim dungarees or overalls! I swear, this generation doesn't want to grow up. 90s fashion is making a comeback, hard. And it's not planning to go away soon! (Speaking of the 90s, have you listened to my throwback playlist? here.)

So which one of these are in your wardrobe right now? And what are your favorites? 

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