Quick Cebu Getaway

6:21 PM

So I just got back from a quick getaway with my parents. And we went to a city where I'm no stranger of, where I'm proud to be fluent at the language, and the birth of lechon, puso, otap, & many more delicious delicacies! 

Cebu has been a very special place for me. I have the comedic and strong personality of a Cebuano because I was born in the Queen City of the South. I'm a proud blooded bisaya since birth. 

It's been a year since I've been to Cebu and a lot has definitely changed. My city, Lapu-Lapu, was once a very provincial district area where it's main point is that it's close to resorts & beaches. Now, it's a growing modern little city on its own and it's just as beautiful as I remembered it. 

Although this getaway wasn't just for full vacation and total relaxation we had to pack the rest of our stuff back to Manila but I couldn't care less just as long as I'm in Cebu. 

These photo's are all usually at the resort we stayed in for a couple days. We haven't been to a lot of places but let me share with you just as how beautiful our stay in the resort was. 

A little warning, photo heavy post ahead. 

We took the late night flight by 12am because of the flight promo fares and it was the only available time that we could get. Perks of flying at night though was seeing beautiful city lights at night both in Manila & in Cebu.

This greeted us the next day when we arrived at the resort. Felt I was full even before eating breakfast seeing this view.

It was low tide when we visited the resort. So we couldn't go to the beach early in the morning or in the evening. It would've been perfect seeing water. We had errands to do during the day so we had no chance to have a quick dip in the beach.

I swear the resort is total eye candy. The light hits the right places. 

Why hello there, Mr. Crabs!! Fancy meeting you here!

The parent's wants a "fancy" shot. Well, there you go. 

Since the beach wasn't an option for us, I soaked in the sun and swam rounds at the pool. Guess who turned from Mocha to Black Americano?? (HAHA!)

There goes my dad after rounds of meter laps. I tried to follow him & his speed but I ran out of breath after the 2nd lap. /dead. And there's my mom hiding from the sun. She's not allergic, she just hates getting tanned.

Transition from Sunrise, sunset to the night time. 

I just have to take a photo of this cute korean baby boy! He was a sight to see! I couldn't help taking a paparazzi photo of him. I mean look at the cute chubby cheeks!

Pool food. Goodbye diet. HAHA!

A few days were definitely not enough. Until we meet again, Cebu!  

P.S. I prepared a travel video as well. I'll be posting it up soon! 

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