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I'm back with my "Her Pegs" Style Series! Graphics just got a revamped huh? This was my past style collections if you're wondering how it looked like before: click me

There will be 2 sections for Her Pegs, 1st will be the usual style series wherein it's a collection of outfit pegs I come up with for a certain look. Like this one! 2nd will be the inspiration series either for photography, concept shoot, make up, and the like. 

So, let's start with this look shall we? 

First up, I got this idea from iKON's latest single "Airplane". Watch the M/V below! It's really catchy, easy on the ears, and mellow rap/hip hop.

The song is about a special someone leaving. And the person would like another minute or an hour extended just to stay longer with that special someone. 

When you think about it airports are really fun! The idea of travelling somewhere new is always exciting. Always so thrilling & heart beating. But it isn't any fun if you have to leave a part of you behind, whether its your family, friends or your special person. 

Goodbyes aren't really anyone's forté isn't it? How does one face that moment? How do you say goodbye? No one's ever prepared for that. No one's ever ready to say goodbye. 

Back to the music video, Hanbin (Also known as B.I. one of the main rappers & the leader of iKON) did some thinking (and albeit late) finally decides to run after the girl towards the end of the video. 

So what do you wear when you have a cute boy like Hanbin chasing after you at the airport? Let's say plot twist & he gets to catch you before you leave? 

1. Cardigan. Grab the coziest cardigan you have in your closet. It will be your cozy best friend throughout the flight or when you get stuck when your flight gets delayed. 
2. Loose t-shirt. Layering is key when it comes to traveling and your base should start with a loose shirt. A cozy and light worn-out t-shirt is comfortable on its own. And its light enough that you could add more layers if your destination requires you to. 
3. Boyfriend jeans. Correction: your most comfortable jeans. Something comfortable to sleep into at the plane. It gives enough warmth and still breathable when you land somewhere warm. 
4. Lace Bra. Just because. I mean, you don't need a push up at the airport. And I've been promoting comfort since item #1 right?
5. Backpack. Where else will you keep your hand carry valuables? 
6. Sneakers. Shoes are one of the most important items to consider to maximize your comfort while traveling. One of the areas that easily gets cold are our feet and hands. So we should always keep them warm. And sneakers are your best bet. It's light enough to move around & won't strain your feet easily. 
7. Watch. Time is crucial at the airport. Save yourself some trouble, always be on time and be 3 hours early to check in.
8. Perfume. Didn't I say Hanbin is trying to catch you before you leave? Girl, he might hug you (no wait, he will hug you). Scent is the strongest link to memory, so if you want Hanbin (Or just anyone) to remember you well, spray on your signature perfume! 

So, he's right in front of you, what do you say to him now? 

I'll leave that imagination up to you. Remember where ever you may be, traveling or not, don't sacrifice comfort for style. And don't wait till the last minute to tell someone how much they're special to you. 


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