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Halloween is right around the corner! Have you guys thought of a costume yet? If you haven't, here's an idea for you!

Since I first saw the movie, The Book Of Life. I fell in love with La Muerte's character! She's so feisty & sweet. Her character is based off of Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte or, colloquially, Santa Muerte (Spanish for Holy Death), she's the female folk saint in Mexico and She's the Queen of the Souls.

La Muerte is an ancient, immortal goddess of benevolence, kindness, goodness, purity, forgiveness, mercy, hope, love, passion, light & death. She's is the ruler and queen of The Land Of The Remembered.

I modified this look to add a modern touch into it. So, how does one achieve the beauty & fashion of La Muerte?

1. Red Lace Up Dress - La Muerte in the movie is wearing this gorgeous traditional Mexican dress adorned with yellow flowers. I modified the look with this simple lace up dress instead.
2. Chunky Boots - It didn't exactly show what shoes La Muerte was wearing but for this modified look, boots looks perfect with the dress. And stand tall amongst the crowd, you're the queen of the dead, aren't you?
3. Fanny Pack - Not really a necessity and not part of La Muerte's look, but if you're gonna go out partying and don't want to hurt your shoulders or hold a clutch, a fanny pack is your best friend.
4. Skull Earrings - Just to add an extra accessory.
5. Choker - One of La Muerte's simple accessories is her choker.
6. Red Lipstick - You can't have too many reds.
7. Yellow Flower - La Muerte's donned with 2 gorgeous yellow flowers beneath her traditional mexican hat. So you could mix it up and make it into a wreath, or just use 2 flower clips like La Muerte!
8. Skull Glass Bottle - A miscellaneous accessory. You could either take a shot before leaving or you could bring one to the party you're going to, your choice! Haha!

Now this look wouldn't be complete with La Muerte's sugar skull inspired make up ofcourse. Here's Michelle Phan (famous make up guru on youtube), with her La Bella Muerta (The Beautiful Death) make up tutorial!

Now, let down that gorgeous black (or whatever your hair color is right now) mane & make La Muerte proud!

Always keep in mind! Amidst from all the costumes and halloween party events? Always remember what All Souls Day is really is about. Don't forget to pray and remember those precious love ones in your life.

Celebrate dia de los muertos (Day of the death) with your family & love ones this upcoming All souls day!

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