GOT7's 1st Fanmeet in the Philippines

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fangirling (n);
when shortness of breath, fainting, high pitched noises, shaking, hyperventilation, sleeping late at night, etc, occurs as a reaction to the sight of the object of affection and/or obsession.

Where will I even start?

The preparation? The three month anticipation? The countdown of heartbeats? I seriously don't know. I lost my sanity when the actual D-Day came. And when they stepped out on stage? I.. -I just.. 

I give up. Let's just get on with the story. (HAHA) 

For the past 8 months, I've been obsessing following this K-pop group, GOT7. 

GOT7 is a multi-national K-pop group formed by JYP Entertainment in 2014 consisting of members from South Korea, Hongkong, Thailand & United States. The group that has 7 visuals (a joke, tumblr fans use since all of them looks hella cute) consists of leader JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam & Yugyeom. 

I just heard about them last March through Rin (you guys know her, from here, right?) March 17 to be exact, it was the night before Rin's birthday. I was actually "asking" her the list of her bias & bias wreckers because I was "bored" and I needed to know new groups. Little did she knew, I was actually making her a banner of her bias (& bias wreckers combined) editing their heads out and strategically placing them all around her photo giving her kissy faces. It was my simple birthday gift for her. 

So while she listed her bias & bias wreckers of each group, she introduced me to GOT7! Her bias was Mark & her bias wrecker (at that time) was Jackson. She even said "Oh! you will love, Jackson. He's muscular, he's handsome & he's really funny." And when I searched about him, boy Rin really wasn't kidding when she said he was handsome! The man has charming looks that greatly accompanied his pleasing personality! I was just really curious that time so I watched a couple of videos and listened to some of their songs but eventually one video lead me to another and.. I got hooked! *cues JJ Project's Hooked song*

I fell in love with GOT7's hong kong born, 94' liner, wild & sexy member, Jackson Wang. And that was it. I spazzed about him through Rianne (see her interview here.) & Rin, almost everyday! I reblog almost every photo's of him on tumblr (see the tag #babe), followed some of his fansite masters on twitter, and spazzed about him on snapchat a lot. #sorrynotsorry HAHA. The boy was really fun to follow!

It seriously was a rollercoaster ride stanning Jackson Wang. Because girl, you just can't calm this boy down! He's a walking ball of energy that you just can't help but to love! 

So when All Access Production announced that they're coming here to the Philippines this year, I was so psyched about it! (Read my pre-selling ticket event story here.) After I got my ticket, all I had to do was to keep my sane for 3 months. Luckily for me though, I had my graduation to keep me occupied. 

3 months later. There started my heartbeat countdown. 

The show started right on time. At 7:55pm, they started to close the lights, the roaring of fan girls (and fan boys) echoed through the hallowed halls of the Smart Araneta coliseum. They started to play an intro of GOT7 on screen. I saw 7 silhouettes going up to the stage positioning themselves. The crowd even got wilder when a familiar song played in the background. And when the lights went back on, there they were. Singing one of their famous title songs, Stop Stop It. 

The moment I saw my favorite blonde haired man, I swear my heart won't stop beating. It was as loud as the sea of screaming fan girls in the coliseum. From there I lost it. I screamed my lungs out while I danced & sang along to the lyrics I've been singing for the past 8 months. 

Every lady does wants a piece of you, Mark. *wink wink* Hello, Tuna's. 

While hello there Mr. "Trust me I'm JYP", Park Jinyoung. Nice of you to come near our side. 

From here, I placed my camera back in my bag and just held on to my phone so I could just take snap chat photo's & video's. 

It was insane watching them perform on stage. Seeing Mark's flip live, hearing JB & Youngjae's powerful vocals, watching Yugyeom dance, get an earful of Junior's soothing voice, listening to Bambam sing and ofcourse, admiring Jackson's rapping. It was really satisfying. It was far from their online laptop screen faces, youtube performances and music videos. 

They started off with an interview of GOT7's stay in the Philippines so far & talks about the album. Albeit some mic problems, the boys being boys coolly brushed it off professionally by just smiling about it and continue to deliver. In Jackson fashion, he joked about it by grabbing all the mics all at once earning a laugh from the audience. And he even said a full tagalog line: "Gusto ko kumain ng Mangga" (I like to eat mango). Repeatedly professing his love for the Philippines' national fruit. 

Musical chairs were the first game of the event. I was almost one of the lucky participants because one event staff just came up to us and asked that she needed 14 people on stage. I didn't know what to do but to just to follow when 13 girls lined up behind me. Then one of GOT7's own staff came to us and told us to line up on the other side of the stage, we followed. 

But then I saw my bag with my camera lying helplessly on the floor, I had to attend to it and place it back to my seat. When I followed the line up on the other side, I got cut off. And I wasn't able to play. I was sad at first but I brushed it off since I really don't do well with games. 

Oh and speaking of tagalog lines, thailand born, Bambam surprised us by singing an actual filipino song! When he fluently sang the first few lines of Ngiti by Ronnie Liang, the crowd went wild. His diction and pronunciation could really fool anyone to think he could speak fluent tagalog! Way to go, Bambi! (Excuse my personal nickname for him. It just suits him for me.) You got us all in lss after hearing you sing! (P.S. He even posted a video on his instagram listening to the song again back in their hotel room. What a cutie!)

The night went on with a few more songs & games in between. And adding Yugyeom's surprise event after, bringing him cake and wishing him a happy birthday. (The maknae is now legal, watch out Yugyeom stans! Browny is about to get wilder! HAHAHA!) 

All of the other fan girls were dying with envy when there were lucky fans that got hugs from the boys on stage too. (I, too, wished for a hug. Haha!) 

Oh, and watching their latest title song "If You Do" live was worth it as well. Seeing the sexy floor work with their hands stroking their chest down to their groins was one hell of a show. I swear I stopped breathing for a while. (Who was in charge of that dance move?!) Speaking of sexy, Junior & Yugyeom teased us with a sexy dance as well both accompanied with Jackson's sick beatbox skills. I swear these boys should change their name to HOT7 because they are sizzling hawt. My lawdd. 

I really kept on laughing on the boy's antics when they did a perfect re-enactment of their If You Do music video. It was pretty hilarious. Specially Mark's part where the other boys acted as walls and he just casually walks right in with his fierce look and then leaves. Classic!

I was really happy when they sang Playground as one of their final songs of the evening. It was one of my favorite songs. Hearing Jackson's singing voice live was the best part of it. I've always admired how he sang. 

Ugh. Look at Jackson's side profile. My goodness. Let me breathe, Wang! 

Their last song was Bounce & a remix version of their song A. Hence, Jackson already in his sleeveless shirt showing off his well toned biceps. (God bless his trainer. I mean, look at those arms! Hubba hubba!) The moment he took his blazer off, I swear to god, I was dying.

There were a lot of moments to remember that night. There was also Youngjae's cute english! And albeit him having a minor accident on stage caused by the pyro effects that exploded, he was still adorable as always. There was also this moment when Jackson announced "Dream High 3" on stage after a fan mentioned it on a post it note. (He was actually asking for a death sentence from JB. HAHA.) And so much more. 

Surprisingly, I didn't take a lot of photo's. I did some on snapchat but I just really watched the rest of the evening admiring the boys on stage. Because just like an article on berlin-artparasites stated: 

"14. When you enter a place, take in the surroundings. Don't look at it from a camera lens. Don't confine memories in an SD card. Don't have proof for every emotion you were feeling. If it was important, you'd remember it even if you had amnesia." 

And it was important. It was the gist of my 2015. It was worth the watch. I was dancing & singing throughout the night. I placed my camera back inside my bag & just take it all in. Fansite masters were all present to take paparazzi photo's already. All the other fans had photo's and videos to remember it all. But I had my memory with me. I had my eyes, ears & heart listening to the group I've been idolizing for so long. I regret nothing. 

I do have some personal photo's of Jackson on my phone, if you guys are wondering. But it still didn't compare on how I remembered him live. He was a sight for sore eyes! The rest of how I feel seeing GOT7 up close isn't enough for this blog post to give justice. No words can comprehend what feeling I had when I saw them live. It couldn't fathom a silver to how it actually felt. I was happy and I had a great time. That's it.

I also thank the 2 Ate sisters who took care of me during the day (whom I've been close with since the pre-selling ticket event.) They even gave me comfort food since I was stuck in traffic for 2-3 hours before arriving at the event place. I could never thank you guys enough. And I also met new friends along the way that made the whole day extra memorable. 

I just hope that with the increasing globalization of K-Pop, more international fans will get to experience these kind of events or acts of "fan-service" from their idols. It really is an experience like no other. It's way different than a concert and way better than a usual meet & greet. 

And to end, especially with the increasing popularity GOT7 is facing and with crazy busy schedules, I just wish for them to continue achieving their dreams and would sore much higher than they ever were. To continue spreading their contagious aura & pleasing personalities throughout the world (They're scheduled to do more fanmeets this November so keep a look out for what cities they're going to!). To keep their brotherhood strong and to conquer loads of challenges and obstacles together. And to always keep their feet on the ground and heads held up high. 

So, until we meet again, GOT7. 

All photo's are rightfully mine and belongs exclusively to this blog. Please don't remove the credits when taking out of the site. 

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