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Hello Btches by heyitsmocha. Made in Polyvore.

If' you've been living under a rock, chances are you wouldn't know 2ne1's CL's new music is out. It was released on the 21st of November at 21:00

Vice's music channel Noisey, released the interview content and had the exclusive premiere of CL's new song "Hello Bitches" on their blog page. Read more of their article here.

So in honor of CL's new song, I dedicate this week's style series from her dance performance video, Hello Bitches. Believe me, I got dizzy trying to figure out what she wearing throughout the video. I tried to put the closest pieces I could find on polyvore just to copy her outfit in the video. And this is what I came up with!

  1. Bomber Jacket - CL's has patches on hers, but you can't be perfect like Chaerin, right? (HAHA)
  2. Leather Jacket - Oh the nonstop obsession with leather jackets. When will I ever learn?
  3. One Piece Bandeau - Show off those killer legs girls!
  4. Tall Lace Sneakers - She actually had boots (?) on the first parts of the video. But I had a clearer view of the sneakers at the end. 
  5. Silver Jewelries - CL is all on statement accessories. Just pile up on your favorite silver jewelries and you're good to go. 

One thing I love about CL is that she goes beyond the norms. Especially Korean culture about Women. Korean women are notable for being cute, conservative & graceful. CL just likes to set an example for her fellow korean women to be confident of themselves. Probably not in her way, but in their own way.

You do you, Lee Chaerin!

Photo's above definitely proves that she's Korea's most baddest female. "Not bad meaning bad. But bad meaning good"

So, who's excited for her solo album?? I know I am!

P.S. Hello Bitches was on repeat while I wrote this. And I apologize if the song automatically plays when you view this article. You guys just need to feel the badass aura once you click this blog article.

Hana Deul Set, Bitches!

Disclaimer: Photo's & other media contents courtesy of noisey.vice.com. Style series cover is yours truly. 

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