How I got front row at my first k-pop fan meet

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Happy November 1 you guys!! Okay so this is probably 2 months late, outdated and irrelevant now. But I just had to share this before the actual fan meet happens this 14th of November. Want to know my pre-selling ticket event experience? See more under the cut! 

GOT7 is holding their first fan meeting in the Philippines. I just recently knew about them earlier this year (March, to be exact) then I started to fall in love with one member and then I fell in love with the whole group as well! Then they suddenly decided to have a fan meet here just in time with my sudden burst of obsession with the group! Great job, fate! You work wonders! Wow! (That was sarcastic, fyi.) 

Anyway, what is a fan meet? Is it just your typical meet & greet, sign your cd, shake your hands kind of thing? How is it different with international celebrities' meet & greets? 

K-Pop fan meeting are taken at another level in Korea. If you're a fan of a certain group in K-pop, there would be a point in time that, that certain group will hold out a fan-meet where it's usually held in an auditorium or a concert hall. 

What do the idols do at a fan meet? 

Well, aside from performing a few of their songs/singles from their latest albums; they have games which you can play with your idol on stage and talks prepared as well. They just simply sit down and chat with their fans throughout the given hours of the event. 

K-Pop fan meetings play big in the k-pop industry, although they're not as close to a concert, a fan meet is more intimate one-on-one talks with the fans. Think of it as 2-3 hour long talk like the ones most artists do in the middle of a concert. It's all about interaction & fan service. It's a meet & greet like no other. 

Battle Outfit

  1. Black Shirt - I'm going to a war (Fangirl war), I need to be badass. Plus, this was the most comfiest shirt I have. (Thanks Nick!)
  2. Distressed shorts - Think. Badass. 
  3. Trusty Flats - I should've worn sneakers but I felt flats were the comfiest things to wear on a day like this.
  4. Bucket Bag - To carry all my weapons.
  5. Phone - To leave live updates to my friends (And snapchat) and to call my mom amidst the huge crowd. 

Battle Essentials

  1. Wallet - Houses the ticket money
  2. Phone & Ipod - to keep myself from boredom & waiting
  3. Pouch 1 - Houses all my touch up essentials (i.e. dry/wet tissues, alcohol, etc.) 
  4. Red Lipstick - Because I'm not wearing any make up. 
  5. Lip Balm - to keep my lips moisturized throughout the day. 
  6. Mirror - Just cause.
  7. Power bank & Pouch - I was using this to recharge my phone because I was using 4G to post on snapchat. 

The battle story: 

This was my first pre-selling ticket event experience ever. I never thought my lowkey fangirling obsession with GOT7 would amount to this. My life would probably be easier if I just picked a VIP slot or a Gold seat. But no, I just really take it to a whole new level and decided to go with a S-VIP ticket with a Photo-Op as a perk. (Great job, Mocha.)

The pre-selling ticket event starts at 10am, so fans need to line up to get those 400 limited (with perks) S-VIP tickets. There's 200 tickets for Hi-touch event and 200 tickets for a photo-op. And yes, I opted for a photo-op because hi-touch is just simply a brief walk towards the idols and get to high-five or shake their hands. (And that really isn't worth it for me.)

I was already regretting attending the event from the start because waking up early was my first struggle. I had to give myself extra hours early to wake up because I live far away from the venue. We (My mom & brother who accompanied me that day) arrived 2 hours early. Upon reaching the venue, I was surprised there were just a few fans lining up. Later, I found out that we're just at another entrance and the real chaos is on the other side. 

Speaking of chaos, the mishap started when the mall opened. Everyone started running to the 4rth floor to line up for the tickets. I wasn't really planning on running but I was pushed by the sea of fangirls with me that I had to walk faster as well. And I was really calmed throughout the event, really. I expected to get seats just in the middle or just good seats. Especially because I was attending this event alone. Well, not spiritually alone. My friend will attend as well but because she's part of the fanclub staff they had reserved seats for them. So physically I had no one to have fun with me. And before I knew it, I was already pushed at the 4rth floor, lining up to god knows what line that was. 

Control numbers & payment queuing

When the event "officially" started. There started another round of yelling & complaining. The staff probably wasn't expecting that crazy scenario that they weren't prepared how to handle the fan girls (and some fanboys). It wasn't as organized as they hoped. So that moment includes large amounts of high pitch squeeling, fan girls screams, pushing & running. It almost caused a stampede (or it was already one), fans gathered rather closely to the "stage" that the line that was prepared was not followed properly. It was hella cray. (Sorry for the internet slang but that was appropriate for that moment.) Calm wasn't the right word to describe how that event went. Then I asked myself: "Why was I here again? How did I get here?" 

After the staffs calmed down the crowd, they announced that they will be giving out control numbers (which are like queue numbers), you need to get one to pay for your desired ticket. I (and along with the other fellow fan girls/boys) thought they should've given the control numbers earlier. Like when we're lining up at the entrance to avoid the riot which happened during that start of the event. And yes, there was another amount of screaming, complaining & yelling right after that was announced. 

While that was happening I was just calling two of my closest friends to update them my journey. Haha! (Hi you two!) And whilst, I was doing that, I was also updating on snapchat. 

So, I had to line up again and the number I got didn't give justice to my efforts earlier in the morning. At this rate, I was disappointed and I completely lost hope on getting good seats. The tickets with perks were very crazy limited and seeing the crowd that day, I knew it will be sold out quickly. And even if the staff convinced us that there are enough tickets for everyone that day, each one of us who were at the very end of the queue were losing hope. So, I manned up and settled for just getting SVIP tickets. That was my mission that day, and that I shall accomplish. 

The time where it was my turn to fan girl

While we're waiting to pay, the staffs decided to play GOT7's music videos through the large LED screen. And yes, it went crazy again. That was just a pre-selling ticket event but it felt like I attended the actual fan meet already without the boys being physically there. I believe I'm partially deaf now, too. 

The staffs surprised us with this video: 

(original source: here)
And there my friends, was where it was my turn to go fan girl mode. Seeing the video above made me realize that everything is really true. Seeing the boys greet us through the video, Mark saying "Araneyta Colliseum", and the whole GOT7 saying "Salamat Po." 

After that ended, the staffs were announcing that there are 3 allowable transactions for 1 person. You guys know where I'm heading right? So being an impatient person as I am. Me & My mom got our courage and asked helped to the other fans who are lucky to get a control number earlier than ours. (And hoping they could pitch us in the line) I mean, other fans were sneakily doing it too! So why the hell not right? 

Fallen angels

And lo & behold, I met these 2 nicest sisters on earth (who are now my very good friends) and fellow fan girls who let me join in. It brought light to my situation. And I'm forever thankful for them for being so nice to a stranger like me. 

So while I was lining up at the S-VIP section with Photo-Op, I happened to see a familiar guy who was working under the staffs. I immediately texted one of my friends and asked if she remembers who it was. And yes, he was actually one of our classmate in one or two of our subjects in college! I was secretly thanking my alma mater for this moment. 

Excuse me? Row what? Seat what?

When I reached the table, he immediately recognized me and we said our hello's. And since I was alone, he found me a ticket easily. I was asking where the seat was and he showed me the seating arrangement and circled a part where I thought it was at the far back of the coliseum. He said my ticket was Lane 103, Row 1, Seat 1. 

And I was like, excuse me? Row what? Seat what? 

And that ladies & gentleboys, was how I forgot to breathe. All the calmness in my system earlier was letting out my inner fangirl and I was silently squeeling. I didn't even asked for it! I swear! I actually managed to get front row? How does one even function??

After I registered my name on the sheets they gave & wrote down the lane number, I was slowly walking back to where my new found friends & mom was waiting. After I announced to them what seat I got, we all squeeled our hearts out. Zero chill. I immediately called and texted to two of my closest friends right after. And after we thanked the two sisters and baid them goodbye, we went home. Me and my mom was really drained that day. I was endlessly (and profusely) thankful to everyone who was with me that day. 

And that was it. 2 months later, it's already November and I have t-minus 13 days left before I actually meet them. 

Boy that was long! Thank you for sticking with me until the end of this post! 

1,168,206 heartbeats left.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the production company holding the event nor with JYP Entertainment & GOT7. This is purely my own experience & own words. I hope I haven't offended anyone or the company listed above. If there is something you wished to change or remove, don't hesitate to email me

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