"How I survived my K-pop friends"

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If you've read my interview with my k-pop/college best friend Rin, here's another point of view for you guys. For the non-kpop friends who deals with their k-pop friends, this one's for you!

So among the friends I know who Rin & I personally spazz our hearts too, I interviewed the 2/3rd of our trio, Rianne! If you don't know her, she's the most friendliest, (albeit weirdest), and sweetest friend you'll ever meet in your life.

And ofcourse, in our classic trio fashion, prior to my interview Rianne personally messaged me on facebook and asked:

"MOCHA. Who the peeps who sang "Hello hello... dandandandandandananan.." ?"

You'd think I wouldn't get her but being friends for 1 and half years made me a professional Rianne language decoder.

I replied "Shinee?"

And she replied with enthusiasm (And with all caps) "Yeah! Shinee nga! HAHAHA. Nagstalk ako kanina HAHAHA." (Yeah, it's Shinee! I stalked awhile ago! HAHA)

And so! Here's our short interview went:

1. So, which came/happened first, discovering k-pop or having k-pop friends tell you about it? 

Having kpop brothers to tell me. I still can't believe it. (HAHA). But they're not the super fan like, they're updated with the groups life or they go to their concerts or anything. They just like Girls Generation's songs. Nopes, they're not gay. (DON'T JUDGE MAH BROS).

2. How many friends do you have who are into k-pop now?

Hmm, 3? Or let's just say less than 10 ... or 5. Not that much actually.

3. Do you know any groups? 

Girls Generation, Super Junior, GOT7, Big Bang (I heard this from my friend, Migee, she would call me up just to talk about them), TNEI1 (Note: She meant 2ne1. HAHA.), and that other guy group... tip of my tongue... SHINEE.

4. When did you first heard of (the word/term) "K-pop"?

I'm not quite sure who I heard about the word k-pop from... But I'm guessing from my group of friends? Or from my brothers...

5. Do you have friends who spazz their hearts out to you? How do you handle them? (Haha. Guilty here!) 

Oh dear lawd, yes! (HAHA!) I just let them spazz. We all go through there! I would also spazz, but not about kpop. So give and take ;)

6. Do you like any songs? 

Oh yeah! Some are catchy despite me not understanding what they're saying! Sometimes, I catch myself unconsciously humming or dancing to some songs. And... *sigh* oh my.

I like Gee (first song to hear and it's so cute omg), Hello (So cute!), Replay, Just right (ask my brother! I dance to it), Growl (omg. VERY. CATCHY. I mean the melody and all.), Fantastic Baby (Brother was amazed with their music video when he showed it to me HAHAHA)

7. Are you willing to listen to them in the future? Or Will you find yourself listening to them in the future?

Well, I listen to them now so yeah why not. Their songs give me good vibes and some I just find so cute!!

8. Have you watched a K-pop music video? What M/V struck you so far? And what are your thoughts about it? 

EXO - GROWL. (I DONT KNOW WHY) I just. Ugh. Wooh. It's like... I can't explain it. HOT NILA. (They're hot) There. That would be all. *bow* I even downloaded their song and Mocha (You? will I say mocha or you cause yer interviewing me so idk HAHA), scanned through my songs and was surprised to see that in my iPod. I also watched the music video, then dance version, part 2 of the dance version. I don't get the korean version though.. cause isn't it korean? or... it's not... or not? HELP.

Note: P.S. Still laughing my ass off while I read her answer. Too cute! 

9. What are your thoughts about korean pop music in general? (Culture, style trends, music videos, music, Korean entertainment..) 

I don't really have any thoughts? I mean, I find it normal. It's not like an unusual thing. Every country has their own culture, music, trends, etc. I guess people just find it weird because we don't understand a thing they say and people still listen to them? But for me, so what? It's music and art. It's something different. You need to add a little spice in your life.

10. And ofcourse, can you give an advice to people who have k-pop friends.

Respect & understand them :) We all spazz about something. We are all passionate in something. So let them be. As long as they're happy with what they do, be happy for them as well. I swear, it's so nice to see your friends so happy and spazzing and jumping and slapping and shouting at you (omagad pls stahp. HAHA), because you see them enjoying themselves. Wouldn't you want that for them?

Rianne is seriously the most genuine person there is, I don't know how Me & Rin can survive without her ready to listen to our spazzing.

I personally feel sad I burden this girl with a bunch of updates & overwhelming feels about my bias every day. (Seriously! Our day isn't complete if I don't give an update about my bias!) But she never fails to remind me that being passionate about something & having a hobby isn't something you should be embarrassed and sorry for. 

So to k-pop friends out there, you need a Rianne in your life. Trust me.

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