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/hides in shame/

You all know South Korea is notorious with crazy beauty trends. Especially all that emphasize good skin, flushed face and a youthful glow. Here's my favorite round up of make up trends that I love to do especially on days when I don't wear a full coverage make up.

Puppy Eyeliner

On the days I don't feel like a fierce boss lady. I always opt for a simple puppy eyeliner style like the ones above. To achieve it, just simply extend your eyeliner following the slope of your eye downwards. (Rather than flicking it up like the usual cat eye.)

This is said to make your eyes appear more rounder and more doll-like. And ofcourse, cute as a puppy!

Flushed Cheeks

This has got to be my favorite trend. When I feel like I really don't want to put on make up, I just put on my favorite blush on the upper part of my cheeks and across my nose. It's also often called the hangover make up (Popularized in Japan. See here.) wherein having flushed cheeks makes you look like hung over!

Just simply sweep it high on your cheekbones or the apples of your cheeks and you're good to go.

Gradient Lips 

Probably the most popular one in this trend. Gradient lips usually make you look like you ate some strawberry flavored popsicle sticks.

To achieve the look, apply some concealer, foundation or lip primer over your lips. Using your favorite lip tint (I used Etude House' Fresh Cherry Tint RD301), apply it on the center of the lips and blend it outwards focusing on the inner part of your lips. Leaving the outerparts untouched.

Aegyo Sal

Fear not my designer eyebag friends! South Korea just made having eyebags more fun! Having eyebags is cute in Korea and there's a term for it too! It's called "Aegyo-Sal" (Which loosely translates to "cute/winsome skin") It describes the fat bags under our eyes as rounder, fuller and younger.

Apparently, having eyebags makes you look cute! (Sweet! Thanks Korea!) I personally stress about how big my eyebags are (But hey! I worked hard for em' I went on lots of sleepless nights for it! HAHA) But don't confuse this trend to dark circles, you still need to hide them under some concealer.

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