Tuna Kimbap

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Welcome to the first recipe here at the blog! And since November is my Korean month, I chose the most easiest korean comfort food there is, the 김밥 Kimbap, also known as Korean rice rolls! For this recipe, we'll be doing "참치 김밥 (Chamchi Gimbab)" or in english, Tuna Kimbap! It's fast, it's easy & it's perfect comfort food for your lazy days or quick go to snack!

Let's start with what you'll need: 

  1. Sticky Rice
  2. Bamboo Rice Roller 
  3. Kim Nori Crispy Seaweed (It's optional and for additional flavor)
  4. Laver Sheets
  1. Tuna - You can use the canned tuna flakes in oil ones, just drain out the oil and mush up the tuna in tiny pieces.
  2. to 6. Mango, Carrots, Cucumber, Crabsticks, & Omelette - All in thin julienne cuts. 
Note that you can add anything on your kimbap, really. You can use the usual meat loaf or beef. It's your preference! I just love using tuna on this one. 

Step 1:

Once your sticky rice is ready, cool it down for a few minutes. Pour in half of these kimnori crispy bits after. It seriously add some flavor to your usual rice. There's also other flavors as well, barbeque & classic flavors are all available at your local grocery store. Skip this if you aren't doing this option. 

Mix the kimnori in your rice until it's well done. Then prepare your laver sheet on top of your rice roller with the rough side up.

Step 2:

Smoothen out the sticky rice and put all the julienne cut ingredients side by side. Make sure to not put too much or your kimbap will be harder to roll later on.

Step 3:

Hold the end of the rice roller from your side and hold the ingredients in with your fingers. Then carefully pull it up and start rolling it up. Then continue rolling it up until it reach the end of the sheet. Add in some water at the ends to "glue" it in. 

Not photographed, but to perfectly cut the kimbap without letting the ingredients spill out, slather some water on your knife and carefully cut the middle first and create 3 big sections until you have smaller ones. This part I seriously can not master with my life, so since my Dad's a chef by profession I let him cut the kimbap for me. Hence the perfectly cut kimbap photo's below. 

And there you have it! Easy rice rolls for your days when you're too lazy to prepare breakfast or lunch. Or just, your typical comfort food while watching some of your favorite K-drama's & tv shows. Happy snacking! 

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