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In the land of the language that I don't understand, I find comfort in listening to Korean Indie music. Korean music is not limited to just pop music, hip-hop & ballad. While Korea is known for K-pop, there are other genre's that are also worth listening to! And K-indie is for the days when I need to take a break off of Korean pop music.

Here's my top 20 favorites songs from indie bands Urban Zakapa, Primary, Hyukoh & more!
  1. Eat (밥을 먹어요) by Jane Jang
  2. Cafe Latte by Urban Zakapa
  3. 와리가리 by Hyukoh
  4. U (Feat. 권진아, 랩몬스터) by Primary
  5. 누구세요(Feat 전성현, Def.y) by 숨셔(Sumsher)
  6. 위잉위잉 by Hyukoh
  7. 이대로도 예뻐 (You are Beautiful the Way You Are) by Tako Jhyung (타코앤제이형 ) ft. 임동현
  8. 집 밥 (feat. 긱스, 이희선여사) by Kim Bum Soo
  9. 깜빡 Remix by Gray ft. Crush, Elo, Jinbo
  10. If You Love Me (Acoustic Ver.) by J Rabbit
  11. Two Voices by Morrie
  12. 마네퀸 (Mannequin) (Feat. Beenzino, 수란) by Primary
  13. 꺼내 먹어요 by Zion T
  14. Sugar Honey by 로지피피 (Rossy Punky Perfume)
  15. 조만간 봐요 (Feat. BSK, 개코) by Primary
  16. Two Melodies by Zion T. ft. Crush 
  17. 감아 (Hold Me Tight) (feat. Crush) by 로꼬 (LOCO)
  18. 그대는 내 전부 by 에스프레소(Espresso) 
  19. Goodbye by 로지피피 (Rossy Punky Perfume)
  20. Let it Rain by Urban Zakapa

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