My Current Favorites: Korean Make Up

9:55 AM

Let's start off this thursday morning with make up, shall we?

If you guys personally know me, I just looooooooove make up. (Yes, that serious) I love it as much as I equally love fashion & photography. So for my korea month, this is my current favorite korean make up! (All for which you could use for your perfect everyday look!)

1. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint - If you opt to do that gorgeous red gradient look that's trending in korea right now, this is your perfect lip tint. Just apply to your bottom lip and purse your lips together
2. Tony Moly's Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Powder Mist - I use this as my setting spray. I tend to have oily skin and this is a life saver. It keeps your face refreshed and it turns to powder after! Sweet! Although the cons so far is that it doesn't last as long so you have to re-apply later on.
3. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion (In Honey Beige W24) - Cushion foundation is all the rage in Korea right now. It's a compact foundation that you could bring any where and its easy to apply! Just pat it all over your face. (Yes, you don't have to worry about your liquid foundation melting throughout the day. You can opt for cushion foundation to re-apply!) This particular foundation is medium coverage and I have bad acne scars so it couldn't hide them that much. I still use a concealer after. But its still perfect for your daily foundation. It has SPF50 so its also good as sunscreen! Another cons (for me because I'm on the tanner side and general korean skin is more on the paler side) is that it only has 2-3 shades. So I apply this an hour earlier before I leave so it sets in my face so I won't look like a zombie. And when I opt for a full coverage make up, I apply this first as my base foundation and then build it up with my liquid foundation after.
4. Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder - After I apply my foundation, I usually pat this around particularly my t-zone area (*sobs* Life of oily skin). It instantly makes your face shine free! You'll feel matte and doesn't have the cakey feeling after. It's really just like your ordinary baby powder but with additional matte powers!
5. Etude House Look At My Eyes (Cafe PK007) - I never thought I'd find a perfect shade of rosy pink color that doesn't make you look like you have barbie eyes. This was perfect if I feel like my eyes is just too drowsy and tired. It gives the redness back to my eyes. Just apply them all over your lids and apply to your lower lashes. I also pair it with my mac rosy blush. It makes my face look flushed and sunkissed!
6. Tony Moly Eye Primer - Short & sweet review: Creamy texture, keeps my eyeshadow in place throughout the day just as its expected to do.

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