Pins Of The Week: Korean Street Style

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Korea is probably one of my favorite fashion countries in the world. Their fashion style is highly influenced by worldwide trends with ofcourse, a touch of their own expression & sense of individuality. What would be trending in the western countries? Korea is way ahead of it and would be wearing it already. 

Korea, especially it's capital city, Seoul, has become Asia's style central. Their style change as quickly as trends come and go all over the world, sticking to being a very fashion forward country.

What I love about Korea's fashion (even though they get inspiration from trends on different parts of the world) is that they love to curate styles. They go from different genres, colors, culture and then mixing it all together creating a unique style. It's all about a blend of diverse and divergent of elements. Adding their own touch of style and keeping it all Korean.

Even K-pop idols & celebrities are becoming a huge influence to Korean's fashion style as well. With Korean known fashion icons like, Big Bang's G-dragon., 2ne1's CL, & Irene Kim, who wouldn't be inspired to dress up. Koreans really has a lot of inspirations to get from, making their own styles and country more well known all over the world.

These are some of my favorite street style shots from all the seasons of 2015 Seoul's Fashion Week.

Cover (Left to Right):

  • Irene Kim shot by Baek Seung Won - This set wouldn't be complete without the presence of Korean's fashion icon & model, Irene Kim!  I'm loving her bomber jacket + silver knee skirt combo. 
  • Seung Jun Ahn - Korean Esteem agency male model. Loved the subtle peek of prints on his socks & shoes. And he added in a graphic shirt to go.
  • Jung Ho Yeon shot by Alex Flinch - Pegged by Vogue as Seoul's street style star and placed 2nd on Korea's Next Top Model Cycle 4. This asian Cara Delevigne is rocking this model off duty look with flashy reflector specs, and her signature wide skirts and sweaters. 
2nd collage set:
Top (Left to Right):

  • Model Jo Min Ho - Couldn't resist not adding two of his versions of wearing a coat. One with a classic mid pantsuit & one with sweatpants. Both sporting comfortable sneakers. Same style, different looks. Win! 
  • Model Lee Ho Jeong shot by Baek Seung Won - Esteem model whom I've been following on instagram (@holly608) This girl appeared on one of Big Bang's ballad music video "Let's not fall in love" as Seungri's love partner. She donned her gorgeous smile with leather sweatpants & that leather heels. I covet!! 

  • Model Haena Song - She definitely showed how denim on denim on leather looks perfectly well together.
  • Kim Yong Ha shot by Alex Flinch - I loved the colors on this ensemble. All earth green and he even topped it off with a brown leather slip ons. A+! 
  • Unknown Korean Fashionista - Someone tell me who is she! I'm loving how she styled her military jacket! And also, she's rocking those sunnies and white brogues!

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