Season's Greetings!

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It's about 2 days left and it's already December! Boy time flies so fast!

So as of late, I have been dedicating the month of November for anything Korean! (See those posts here: click.) I figured out how I want to end my special Korea month is to share some K-holiday songs! Also, a perfect intro on the December holiday posts! *wink wink* (It'll be like killing two birds in one stone for me.)

And to what I'm currently looking forward to is TaeTiSeo's Christmas album called Dear Santa! TaeTiSeo is a sub-unit from one of SM Entertainment's popular girl group, Girls Generation, which consists of members Taeyeon, Tiffany & Seohyun. See their photo teasers below!

The 'Dear Santa' album is set to release on the 4th of December. Here's a short video of Tiffany being cute and fuzzy with Dear Santa playing in the background so you guys would get to hear a short teaser of the song. Plus, I heard Seohyun help wrote the lyrics for the song! Way to go Seohyun!

And while I wait (along with you fellow Girl's Generation fans) I'm currently jamming to GOT7's MAD Winter Edition Album! It consists of the album's recent songs along with 3 new songs!

One of which is their title song: Confession Song - Utterly cute upbeat music composed by JYP himself. In the music video, the boys helped several lucky boys & girls confess to their crushes by singing a confession song to a person they like. When will it be the turn where one of the GOT7 boys confess to me?? (Haha!)

Watch the cute MV here!

So take that risk & confess to the one you like guys!

Second new song in their re-packaged album is entitled 매 일 (Everyday). Proudly composed by GOT7's leader, JB. It's a beautiful ballad love song that makes you weak in the knees! And lastly, 이.별 (The Star also known as Farewell) Lyrics is written by Junior, albeit a sad parting song, the lyrics is very sweet and meaningful, perfect for those cold winter senti nights huh?

Christmas is really everyone's favorite time of the year! Those cold winter night feels that makes you want to snuggle up in bed in your favorite pajamas, drinking a cup of your favorite hot beverage, decorating your houses with beautiful Christmas lights donned with their set of ornaments, a month/weeks long break from school/work and ofcourse spending warm & cozy holiday nights with your family are one of the best feelings during the holiday season. (What I'm actually really looking forward to is the homemade Christmas feasts! HAHA!)

Hope everyone spends a beautiful and cheerful holiday month ahead! As Girl's Generation's Tiffany said Merry Early Christmas you guys!

Now, bring on the holiday posts!

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