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And the obsession with leather jackets continues! 

It's finally fanmeet week! If you haven't notice I've been posting mostly korean related posts these past few weeks  Well, this week is the most exciting week ever and I'm already spazzing because it's just 5 days away. Gaaahh! If you've read my pre-selling tickets story, you will understand why I'm so psyched for this weekend!

I may be a month late promoting GOT7's music but this style series is perfect for this month! So let's start!

I came up with this look because I think this fits the concept well of being a "badgirl" or a perfect what would you wear when you're breaking up with one of the GOT7 boys?

1. Leather Jacket - If you watched the music video, GOT7 was all about being badass and leather jackets.
2. Slip Dress - Inspired by the line "Just do whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me. I'll just go to sleep."
3. Lace Up Flats - It's comfortable & classy. And It's not your typical pointed flats.
4. Cross Body Bag - To add to your inner rebel look.
5. Red Lipstick - For that extra bad girl look.

If you haven't read this post, I've been obsessing over Leather jackets since last month and I cant not add it up on this look! It's the "icing sa ibabaw ng cupcake ko" (icing on top of my cupcake). And I've always wanted to try on the slip dress trend. It just feels so comfortable to wear. 

You may think "Isn't a slip dress an undergarment? Or a nightgown?" Well. For most, it is an undergarment. But it can depend on what type of fabric is used. Slip dresses made in cotton can pass off as a normal dress. But I did found this article on how to wear a slip dress (without looking like you're wearing a nightgown). And #5 was my inspiration. 

"Motorcyle jackets and slip dresses are a match made in style heaven. Wear the outfit with ankle-strap sandals while it’s still balmy outside, and transition to boots when the weather turns chilly. As far as we’re concerned, this is the quintessential date night outfit."

Read the rest of the article here

You're wondering what the title meant too? The title is based off of GOT7's title song 니가 하면 (If You Do) from their MAD Album.

The song is about a relationship that's push and pull. Where a girl is always finds the mistakes of a guy and when she's wrong, she's going to make a way to be right.

"I was attracted to your confidence at first. But every day I went down on my knees. You magnified even my minor mistakes. And pushed me to the edge of the cliff." - Jackson Wang

I mean come on, who would want to be in that kind of relationship? If you feel like being pulled down by the person you love? Or s/he is not making any effort of fixing your relationship? Honey, maybe it's not love anymore.

Anyway, I swear this song has been my jam for the whole month of November. All GOT7's songs are on loop this month actually. And I don't know if I'm ready to meet them yet this 14th. (When will I ever be ready, though?)

Brb. Internally screaming because it's just 5 days away.

521, 227 heartbeats left. Almost there.

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