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And we're back with another travel bucketlist series! This time it's the land of hallyu stars, chic street fashion & bibimbap! 

Seoul, Korea has been a very special place for me ever since I rode the Hallyu Wave in the early 2000's. Watching K-drama's & listening to K-pop were my hobbies during weekends. And the country grew into my heart that it has to be on my top travel bucket list. 

Seoul feels like the country I'd want to travel alone to. Explore the sights, attractions, and experience the culture alone. It's been told to be one of the safest cities to travel to. And being a young lady, and solo traveler myself, that really got me infatuated with the country more! 

So, without further ado, here's my top (in no particular order) 50 things I'd want to experience in Seoul: 

1. Take a night stroll by the Cheonggyecheon Stream.

2. And probably get lost on my way back to where ever I'm staying.
3. Might get some street food along the way too. Like the J corn ice cream. (Mmm~)

4. See Seoul's skyline at N Seoul Tower.
5. Drop by the teddy bear museum while I'm at it.
6. And have a candle lit dinner at N Seoul Tower's restaurant.

7. Stay at the Ye'4 Guest House. --- I happen to stumble upon this on Travel Advisor once & I read a lot of good reviews. (And 'cause I saw this on a web drama & a certain reality show (aka GOT7's Thai Fanclub reality show. Ehe. ehe.). Plus it's affordable too!)

8. Explore Bukchon Hanok Village
9. Get coffee in those traditional houses, aka "Hanok".
10. See Gwanghwamun statues. 

11. Get lost at the subway --- I heard Korea has the trickiest (but most efficient) subway systems in the world. I want to experience getting lost in it. (But for sure, due to language barrier, this will get ticked off easily. Good luck, me. HAHA) 

12. Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace
13. Catch the changing of guards
14. Immerse in Korean culture & wear "Hanbok

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15. Get my nails done by Sunny of Sunkuku Nail Art. (Because of this) (P.S. You can find her here & here.)
16. Get a Korean hairstyle

17. Shop at Myeongdong
18. Probably max out my credit card for all the skin care products I'll be hoarding. 
19. Won't get out of Myeongdong without bags of skin care products. (And make up, 3CE, Banila Co, Innisfree & Missha; I'm coming for you.) 
20. Drop by Lotte Department Store to shop for local korean brand clothes. 

21. Get coffee at Hongdae. (I swear Seoul is such an eyecandy!) 
22. Immerse myself in Art & Music along the streets of Hongdae. --- I'm spazzing thinking about this already. 
23. Explore the nightlife in Hongdae --- I heard Hongdae has the best nightlife in Seoul. I must give it a try!
24. Go to a club in Hongdae 

(photo by @seoeontattoo: source
25. Get a small tattoo in Hangul by Seoeon. (And probably get killed by my parents after but hey, #noragrets.) 
26. Get pierced at Cobra (Again, I'm dead meat.) 
27. Take street style shots of fashionable koreans --- Aside from Harajuku in Japan, Korea has the most cutest, chic & comfortable fashion in Asia! It'll be a waste if I don't document some Korean fashionista's! 
28. Visit the Coffee Prince cafe
29. Visit the trick eye museum 

30. Go to a "Jjimjilbang" or Korean Spa/Bathhouse 
31. Get shikye (sweet rice drink) & eggs at jjimjilbang

32. Visit Gwangjang Market for street food
33. Try tteokbokki (spicy korean rice cakes), bungeoppang (fish shaped bread filled with sweet red bean paste), kimbap (korean rice roll), odeng (fishcake snack), chapssalttteok (korean rice cakes), And basically all korean street food there is.
35. Feast on everything in this list. 
34. Must gain a pound eating korean street food (And then cry and regret it after. HAHA)

35. Visit Dongdaemun's night market
36. Shop 'till 4am. --- Truth be told, Dongdaemun has the craziest shopping time. It's open by 10am and closes at 5am. It's literally shop till you drop! 
37. Buy souvenirs at Namdaemun market -- Aka, old korean market that sells a lot of traditional korean things. 
38. Buy Korean Hallyu Souvenirs for K-pop friends at Insadong. --- Heard this place and Namdaemun has loads of k-pop items. 

39. Watch a korean music show recording live. (i.e. Inkigayo, Music Bank, MCountdown) (How do the fans get in though? I heard it's so hard to get a "ticket" to a music show. Some say you have to be in a legit fan club to get easy access?)
40. Watch this handsome blonde man work. (Hopefully, he's still the MC when I get to visit Seoul one day. HAHA. I'm such a fangirl.)
41. Sing along with the hundreds of fans doing fan chants. 

42. Visit Lotte World 
43. Bluff & say I'll ride all the scariest rides. (But actually cry right before & refuse to do it.) 
44. Lots of ice cream breaks!!

45. Go to Han River
46. Take morning & evening walks along Han River
47. Take a morning jog along Han River

48. Visit Seoul in Spring --- I heard the cherry blossoms is as lovely as Japan's. (Plus the weather is perfect.)
49. (Never ever forget) To learn & immerse myself in Korean Culture & Language. 
50. Never leave any part of Seoul untouched. 

Seoul, Korea is like a second home for me that I've never even been to. It's also one of my top influences when it comes to fashion style, photography aesthetic & music taste. It's been a part of me since I was young & I'm glad that I grew up and fell in love with the country. I don't know when, but I'm so psyched to see you soon, Seoul. 

How about you? What would you do if you were in Seoul? 

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