1 No Bake Oreo Peppermint Snack Recipe

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Let's start off our 12 Days of Christmas blogging with a content that would satisfy our sweet tooth!

On the first day of Christmas, Santa gave to me? 1 No Bake Oreo Peppermint Snack Recipe! I really tried my very best to not have a bite while I take shots of these delicious & easy no bake snack. All you need is your freezer and just 3 ingredients! 


  • Oreo Packs 
  • Bag of Large Marshmallows
  • Peppermint Extract/Syrup or Candy Cane

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare your oreos in a bowl. Separate the creams from the cookies! And nope! Don't eat the cream ones just yet! We'll use them later on! 

Step 2: Crush

No, not the kind of "crush" you're thinking off. *wink wink* Haha! Anyway! Go pull out your hammers or meat pounders guys! Because this is one of the fun parts! 

If you have a food processor, you can skip using the ziplock bag and hammer part. But hey, it's not much fun though. ;) 

So prepare a ziplock bag & your hammers if you guys don't have a food processor. Put the cookies & peppermint candy cane in each individual bags. And start pounding them until they're good as powder or tiny bits of crunchy goodness! (Think of all the suppress anger and let them all out those poor cookies & candy! Haha! But for real though, pound them!) 

And since I don't have peppermint extract I opted for the candy cane one that's easily sold at every grocery store or candy shop! And it still works wonders! (P.S. I'm still on a hunt on peppermint extracts/syrups. Does anybody know where to get one in the south??)

Step 3: Mix 

Once you finish the pounding part. Mix your solids: Cookie + Candy Cane. And your liquids (which we will melt later on) Marshmallow + Cream

 Step 4: Mix (Again!) 

Melt the Cream & Marshmallows in the oven for 2 minutes. Mix them within 1 minute intervals. So, 1st minute - Mix. 2nd - Mix. 

And then, you panic. 

I'm kidding. But seriously, you have to be quick because this gets a little bit messy & extra sticky when it takes too long. (Yes, based on my experience. So I warned you guys already! It gets so hard to mix later on when you take to long. Oh, plus arm work out too! Yay for special Arm Day for you!) 

So start pouring your crushed Cookie + Candy Cane mix into the melted bowl of Marshmallow + Cream & mix fast! Mix until all the contents is blended well. 

Step 5: Pour

Into a container! Then let it cool into a freezer/chiller for about an hour or so. This recipe makes about 8 bars. 

I've regretted putting it directly to the container though. I should've placed a parchment paper or a wax paper before I laid it all down into the container. Me & my mom had to wrestle with it while we tried to get a bar after! Another arm work out! Haha. 

Et Voila!

Mmm~ All that gooey and yummy goodness. So if you're up for a movie night chilling with your bae or family. This is your perfect and easy holiday snack! 

Happy Snackin' you guys! 

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