12 Reasons to be Thankful this Christmas Eve

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I've finally reached the last day of my 12 days of Blogging-Christmas Countdown!

Before we proceed, I'd just like to thank everyone who followed my 12 days of Christmas blogging series (You can see the rest here). This surely was a fun ride. All the planning, scheduling, shooting, and drafting weeks before and blogging everyday was really one heck of an experience. It was first time to actually commit to something like this. It may seem small to some of you but blogging really isn't as easy as it looks. I just did this so it could keep me occupied while I'm on break. And it surely did get my mind working. So thank you. For everyone who's reading this right now. I appreciate it.

And now we go on with the last day of blogmas!

First off, Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I bet you're all busy preparing food for that Noche Buena night, huh? I wrote this article a day before so for sure by now, I'm starting to make the desserts since it needs to be frozen & chilled before it could be consumed later tonight. (Yas!)

I've been thinking a lot on what my 12th day should be. And without a doubt, what better way to end this blogmas with reasons to be thankful. Now I know 12 is not enough number to list down all the things we're thankful of. But I'll try listing the gist of what this year has given us.

I thank my two lovely friends for helping jot down and suggest these ideas. I've had word term scrambles that I badly needed help with and they were always there to help me arrange my thoughts since this is a very lengthy post. So friends, you know who you are! Thank you again!

On the 12 day of Christmas santa gave to me, 12 reasons to be thankful:

1. Family

In our family, we're almost never complete every time it's Christmas. You see, my Dad is a hardworking executive chef. They're usually on demand every time it's the holidays. So he never spends Christmas with us. Or if he does, he usually arrives very late due to the Christmas traffic. AND, for years, my Dad has been working very hard for us in abroad. Which makes us thankful that this year, we could be with him. So be thankful for your family around you. Some aren't always complete this Christmas.

2. Food

In the Philippines, celebrating Christmas with the family means bonggang Noche Buena feast! It's always a treat when your mom's & tita's are all up making your favorite Noche Buena dishes! Always be thankful for the food on your table.

3. Gift of Life

Not just yours. But everyone else's. A lot of mom's gave birth this year. And we lost a lot of love ones from recent terrorist events. We should always be thankful for the life that was given to us. Treasure every moment, experience more of what life has to offer. Don't just be alive and breathing, live. 

4. Friends

Old and New. For the friends that become strangers and strangers that became friends. The true friends who are always there whenever you need them. The low-maintenance friends that you don't need to constantly give your attention to but when you get together you still catch up on each others lives as if you weren't apart. For the long distance friends who lives hours or miles away who we love to chat and go on skype calls with and adjust our time zones just so we could catch up with them. For those who stayed with you throughout the year. And still be thankful for those who left, their time with you wasn't a mistake nor a waste, they were part of your life for a reason. For our dearest friends, thank you for being a blessing and a lesson. 

5. Passions

Let's take time to thank what motivated you this year. You discovered a new hobby perhaps? A new celebrity to follow? Developed love for a new music genre? Got your dream job this year? You accomplished a lot things? Ticked some things off your bucket lists? Attended your dream concert? Whatever they were. Whatever that motivated you and ignited your passion. Thank them. These things probably consumed half of your time but it's always worth the work and productivity if it keeps your heart racing and mind going.

6. Your Faith. 

In whatever religion you follow. We all have the same god and lets thank him for being there for us this year and him not letting us down. All our prayers are probably not answered yet but it's on the works. It's his birthday tomorrow, we should thank him for the life he has given us. For the path he chose (And is choosing) for us. For the patience he gave while we wait for our prayers to be answered. Thank your faith for it remains strong.

7. Job 

For the job that we have, for the job that we had, and for the job we will have. Thank that it gives you a reason to wake up and complain about everyday, doubting if you really need it, or if you need to find one. Thank that it gives you the benefit to provide for your family, your life and for your future. Thank that it will provide for your future soon. And thank it not just because it gives you money and material things. But it teaches you, our jobs is an extension of our school. Learning doesn't stop from our sacred four walls. But its also in our everyday lives and in our jobs. Whether you're a professional, a freelancer, or have a desk job. You can learn a new thing everyday from your colleagues & superiors. Thank your job for that opportunity. 

8. Your mentors. 

Your teachers, colleagues, parents, people who we look up to. They're the reason that they inspire us everyday until today. Thank their existence to your life. That they've touched your being by inspiring you and help you fulfill your dreams and your passions. For they are your reminder of who you inspire to become in the future. 

9. Workers with underrated jobs

They don't get appreciated much. We live by them everyday. We see them work on toll gates, supermarkets, malls, buses, airports, jeeps and more public service jobs. Lets give time to thank these hard working people. The farmers who cultivates live stocks to provide companies with meat, fruits & vegetables we consume as our burgers, pizza's, burritos, and more. All those cashiers who works in minimum wage per hour so we could buy ingredients for our Noche Buena. Those people at the toll gates working late and alone just so we could go home to our love ones on Christmas eve. Our manong drivers who keeps us safe and brings us to our jobs in time. Our ate's, manangs and house helps who are our second mothers who took care of us since we were kids and cooks our food when our parents are too busy. They deserve our thank you for being there even when we don't think about them as much.

10. Love

For it is eternal. And for it helped keep us alive. Thank it for it's existence within you. All of the reasons above wouldn't be done without this intangible feeling. 

11. For the past 12 months

It's been a rough and fun year. You grew a year older, an inch taller, a weight heavier or lighter, changed your hair, discovered, learned and experienced new things, had a break up, found love, had a new addition to your family, lost someone, won a trophy, lost a match, traveled, laugh, cry, and many more. Thank those past 12 months because it made it a better you. It helped mold who you are now because you weren't the same person as you were back in January. You are currently December 2015. And you're about to be January 2016 in a few weeks. Don't move on to next month just yet without thanking what helped you get through the year.

12. And finally, yes, be thankful for yourself

Your mere existence is just as important as everyone else's in this world. You did a great job this year. It's already the last month of the calendar. Go make more memories. Eat your heart out. Spend time with your love one's. And make the last pages of your 365 book worth it.

And loads more. Always be thankful. 

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone. From my family to yours. 

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