5 Christmas Movies

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If you aren't still in a festive mood, try watching a classic Christmas movie! 

Ahhh, Christmas break. Where pajama's are your uniforms, your bed is your desk, and your laptop in front of you is your power point presentation for the day. And where there's always room for snack time & you'll never get fired or get an F. Because you are on a break from work or school. And you're just in dire need of some me time! 

You've probably watched some of these atleast once in your life time. This is basically my Christmas movie playlist. So if you're planning on doing marathons some time today, make sure you have these movies up on your list!

Sunday's At Tiffany's 

My all time favorite. It's my personal tradition to watch this every month of December. It's a fictional story about a young girl & her imaginary friend who later on meet again on the exact moment when she thinks she doesn't need him anymore. She later on rediscovered who she was before she became an adult. It's about rediscovering passions & hanging on to your dreams no matter how childish they are. 

Home Alone 1 & 2

Two of the popular classic holiday films. Join Kevin McCallister conquer New York & his home against those robbers whom they call themselves "Wet/Sticky Bandits" and they always fail because Kevin always outsmart them every. single. time. 

Okay, I cheated on this one. Technically, it's all 6 movies but you can't just watch one Home Alone movie! You just have to watch the 2nd one as well! Same flow, different mischief! 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

One of my favorite Jim Carrey movies! Set in a fictional town titled "Whoville" where the people of Who, considers Christmas a huge event and everyone who lives in it loves it! But out in the high mountains in Mt. Crumpit, live the Grinch who thinks otherwise. Watch how the young Taylor Momsen's character, Cindy Lou, change the Grinch's heart towards Christmas. 

Love Actually

Must I say, without hope or agenda, that this is one of my favorite holiday romance film. It's full of series of unfortunate events. Where one character battles love for whatever reasons it may be. Ten separate stories, wide variety of individuals, lives interlinked, different love tales. 


When Buddy was accidentally transported to North Pole and was raised to adulthood by Santa's elves, he soon realizes that he doesn't fit in. He then travels off to New York to find his real father. And when he did, they soon dealt with adjusting with each others lives & maturity. 
So, cook some popcorn and get cozy while you watch these Christmas films! Have fun and Merry Christmas ya filthy animal. 

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