6 Holiday Nail Art Ideas

10:00 AM

Planning on a going out for a Christmas party? Add some festive feels on your tips!

Whether you'll go out and have your nails done or you'd opt to stay at home do your nails instead, here's ideas for your next holiday mani with one special ingredient to top it all off. Hint: Anything Glitter Polish!

I've rounded up my favorite ones that I've pinned on pinterest!

So basically, just find any glitter polish you have or your favorite red nail polish! (And who else is loving the gold polish nail art??? Gaaah, so pretty!) Anddd, okay fine, I cheated on this one. Hee. My usual cover layout is 3 + 6 more other photos for another layout. So let's just say the cover are the bonus ones for this set!

The cover sets are my top three btw. I'm still growing my nails right now so if it grows a little inch longer a week before Christmas, I'll try doing one of the styles!

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