9 Holiday Style Series

10:00 AM

Christmas is 3 days away! do you have your Christmas Eve/Day outfit ready yet? Here's how I round up my pegs.

I was actually about to cheat my way out of this style series because it's seriously eye tiring to make 9 sets of these, but if I do give in and then that just defeated the purpose of being challenged for this 12 days of Blogging. And challenged me it did!

On one rainy Saturday morning I felt like I don't want to waste the day by just lying around. I went up on polyvore and searched for outfits to put up together solely for this post. I've been arguing on how I should come up with it for weeks. Then I came to a conclusion to base it on colors.

You can see that I gave names on the outfits. Tbh, It's just simply other words for red, white, brown & black. There's so much more beautiful terms for colors than just simply red, yellow, or blue fyi.

Also! I decided to half the series, 5 ideas for Christmas Eve and 4 for Christmas day! So without further ado, here's your Christmas Eve Party ensemble choices:






And ofcourse Christmas Days is best spent indoors with your love ones, eating left over Christmas eve food & with a cup of hot choco in hand, and especially in your favorite cozy pajamas.

Here's your Cozy Christmas Day ensemble choices:





And there you have it! Just pick an outfit that suits your style and just work around it with what you already have.

Have fun styling!

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