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Now boys, don't even think about buying that picture frame. I'm shaking my head at you right now. Or maybe you're a girl buying for her girl friends perhaps? Don't worry I've got you guys covered! I round up the basics gifts you could give for a girl! All from sporty & fit to the girliest of girls!

I'm no expert in all types of girls but I am expert in spoiling the ones I love! So I do have a thing or two of ideas on what to buy for different types of girls in your life. 

Here's your checklist:

Is she girly? loves fashion? make up? Well she belongs to this section. You can find these types of girls going around the mall or a certain shop for hours trying on clothes after clothes or at the cosmetics section filling up her basket with tons of make up products she probably already have but still buys it for "supplies". 

  1. Perfume - Your safest bet. Scent is a perfect trigger to a memory! Don't know what perfume to get? Think about how you think she smells like? Does she smell like daisies? Sweet roses? Or always fresh out of the shower? Or like the ocean breeze. It'd be sweeter if you give a good thought on what perfume to buy. 
  2. Gift Card - Surprise! If the girl loves fashion like me, she'd probably love you for these gift cards as well. Yes, we will still love you.
  3. Make Up - Buy her a palette of her favorite brand. Or buy her two if you're feeling generous. She'd probably have a lot on her vanity table so try to see what she still lacks. 
  4. Shades - One that could keep her eyes safe from uv rays but still chic & classy. 
  5. Wallet - Or purse! Stay on the neutral shades on this one so it'd be easier for her to style it with her bag/shoes. Or you could get it in her favorite color! That would work too!
  6. Phone Case - It's all the rage right now. Fashion phone cases are part of every fashionista's ootd. You could see it in her perfectly curated instagram feed. 

These type of girls just loves their gadgets. May it be their phones, playstation games, or music. Her things costs a lot but hey, if she's special? It'll be worth the purchase! 

  1. Headphones - Get these classy rose gold FRENDS The Taylor white headphones for the girl on the go and would just love to zone out her surroundings and be one with herself. 
  2. Marshall Wireless Speakers - Let her jam to her favorite spotify playlists on these high quality Marshall speakers. 
  3. Earphones - Maybe she's not a headphone type of gal? Get her these Skinnydip London Ear Buds instead! 
  4. USB Flash Drive Bracelet - Yowza! I couldn't believe it myself USB can be turn into bracelets! If she's techy, she'd love to keep her files close to her & on the go with these Anne Klein Silver-Tone USB Flash Drive Bracelet!
  5. Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch - Forget the apple watch! Check these gorgeous rose gold watch! (Well, unless she's an apple girl. Then get the apple watch instead. Haha!) 
  6. Protective Phone Case - Claims to be water proof, dirt proof & snow-proof base on their description. She'd love her phone protected with these! 

These type of girl is just always out of the country a lot! They love to explore the world as much as possible. Help make her trip memorable with these gift ideas! (And she'd probably remember you while she's on a trip too!) 

  1. Scarf - Whether if she's going on a cold country or a tropical one, a scarf could help her keep warm during her long flights. Buy her 1 or 2 of these so she could have choices! (Pst, dab on your perfume too for a memory enhancer!) 
  2. Passport Holder - Ofcourse, she can't go off traveling without her passport! Help keep her passport protected with these pretty passport holders! Try these Kate Spade ones that's made of high quality leather. 
  3. Scratch off Map - Make her remember the countries she's been to in a fun way with these scratch off map!! 
  4. Journal - The traveler gal would love to jot down her memories in a journal! I know some friends who does this! They even keep their memories with polaroid photo's! 
  5. Travel Charm Bracelet - She might want to see her favorite countries on her wrists with this charm bracelet. 
  6. Backpack - For the backpacking traveler! It's efficient, it can fit a lot of her things & it could be her carry on. 

You'd probably see these type of girls at the gym or posting their gym ootd's on instagram. They're the fitness junkies. The athletic ones. The girls who basically loves to get their butts out of bed, toned and in shape! Probably the easiest girls to shop for too! Just head off to a sports store or sport section of her favorite retail store and you're good to go. 

  1. Sports Bras - I bet she has tons of these. Help her fill her closet with new ones! 
  2. Water Bottles - Water is their best friend. Help her quench their thirst with these cute water bottles! Props if it has a cute motivational quote on it too.
  3. Shoes - Probably not a fan of giving shoes because of superstition but hey what if you bring her to her favorite sports store and surprise her by letting her pick her shoes then! 
  4. Gym Bag - A good gym bag that houses all her necessities is a sure good gift for your sporty gal.
  5. Running Watch/Pedometer - If she's a fitness junkie, she's an expert at watching her heart rate and counting her calories. Help her track it all down with this pedometer watch! 
  6. Tank Tops - Training tank tops with sassy quotes are funny, motivational & always a good gift for your sporty gal. 

The bookworm are your favorite nerds. She's always seen reading a book every time you find her. She's either out on a coffee shop or in the comforts of her home. Help your bookworm enjoy her reading time with these gifts! 

  1. Frames - Average of 4/5 book worms owns reading glasses. It's all cause of reading too much because they just can't help put the damn book down! Keep those letters from the book pop and more alive and buy your bookworm gal new reading glasses. Replace her old frames with new chic frames! Make sure to pick out the best frames that would suit her face shape. 
  2. Bookmark - Be creative! Don't just go to a bookstore and get to the bookmark section with a bookmark with just a nice quote and buy it! Find something unique or that would suit her style! Or better yet, make a bunch of book marks for her if you're feeling crafty. 
  3. Thermal mugs - One thing's for sure, your book worm won't be just staying indoors reading their favorite book. They could go out. Let them keep their coffee or tea warm with these chic thermal mugs! 
  4. Coffee Mugs - Or yet again, they'd opt to stay indoors? Again, don't just pick a mug and go. Get those cute ones with quotes on them! 
  5. Books - Ofcourse, a no brainer! Help her fill her mini library with more books! Search if her favorite author released a new book. Or if your bookworm still doesn't have a copy of one of her favorite author's book. Or! Try picking out a book for her. Something that you'd say that the book reminds you of her. 
  6. Throw blanket - Let your bookworm gal be comfortable and cozy while reading her book with a throw blanket! 
And that's it! Those are your basics for different types of girls. That should keep you guys from having major headaches while you're out at the mall for hours thinking of what gift you should buy. You're welcome ;) 

Remember, even at the end of the day when the girl says "It's the thought that counts." It still matters when you put a little effort on that "thought" okay?


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