Her 12 Days Of Christmas Blogging

10:00 AM

Merry Greetings and Happy December 12!

Two weeks from now it'll be Christmas & I figured I challenge myself to have a Christmas countdown inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas song! It'll be hard but I hope I could commit to it. It probably won't be the partridge in a pear tree but it'll help me create more holiday content! Plus, who wouldn't love counting down to Christmas!

So here's the thing, starting tomorrow I'd be posting some holiday inspired posts such as DIY's, movie recommendations, playlist and all the holiday series of this blog and the like. It's like the Vlog-mas Youtube is having but well.. Blog style. So, Blogmas! It will be under "12 Blog Posts Santa Gave To Me" right in a big red banner with a bow on top. You won't miss it.  I've been planning this since last month and I've already have some post drafted! (Pst, I post sneak peeks on snapchat! @heyitsmocha *wink wink*)

I'm so psych to do this and I hope you guys enjoy this Christmas countdown with me! See you all tomorrow for the 1st day of Christmas!

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