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It's finally that time of the month where we'll start to reminisce our adventures this year.

A brand new year is fast approaching and I would just like to take a step back and look at the memories I've made for the past 11 months. I just want to list down the things that have made this year worth the challenge and experience.

To be honest, I really couldn't remember some of these without the help of my planner. There were only a few moments that were worth remembering. But it was fun going through facebook albums, and phone photo's just to retrace my steps a few months back so I could create this post.

I'm so grateful and blessed for all the things that happened (And didn't happen) this year. I wouldn't have it in a better way. It was all worth the ride.

  1. January started off with 3 letters, G.N.O. There were lots of girl bonding, the birth of the "live fast die young bad girls do it well" crew, crazy experiences, 5 second risqué actions, and loads more reasons why we're on the top of Santa's naughty list this year. 
  2. February was the girl crew's 2nd annual Valentine party. You see, every February we made it a tradition to celebrate Valentines together since we're all a group of single-free-bitch-babies. (Well, for now. Since two out of the group of 9 are taken.) We don't have any special love ones to celebrate the V-day with and we figured we'd rather enjoy the day together than to sulk alone at home in our pajamas. So here's to the Year 3 next year! 
  3. March was interesting for both career & love. Rianne and I had our first photo shoots that were to be published in the later months. It was exciting to actually shoot photos for a newspaper and contribute images for a publication. It was definitely a fun experience. And within those weeks of March, I also developed a new unhealthy teenage obsession which I plan to let go of this coming year. (Well.. slowly.) It took up most of my time and I let it get to my head to the point that I don't want to wake up from the fantasy (Wew, deep! Haha!) So, good luck to me. 
  4. I was published for the first time on April. The feeling you get when your work is printed on a newspaper is truly overwhelming and gives you a sense of accomplishment. It was actually one of the highlights of my year.
  5. I had to make mid-May-summer worth it by coming up on a personal project. I didn't want to waste my summer (or weeks worth of summer since our school runs on a trimester timeline) so I asked my brother's girlfriend & her twin to model for me. It was a fun day of art directing and catching the sunlight. And plus, this was also the month we moved to the south. No more taft-city life and back to the province for me. 
  6. June was for training's & another photography-related achievement. The lessons I learned for the past three college years were put to the test for my college OJT. I met a lot of awesome creatives that soon hope to work with in the future & gained new friends along the way. I learned so much more about my major than just sitting for a 1-2 hour class trying to focus on the projector screen with notes on how to take a good photo. Learning truly isn't just in the books or presentation slides. It's much more satisfying when you get to experience it in the field. This was also the month I got published again at one of my first favorite fashion publication. Seeing my work printed on the familiar glossy paper I've been reading for most of my teenage years was truly one for the books. 
  7. Surprises were waiting for me by July. My mom started the month by telling me that her gift for my 20th birthday was money worth the same amount of my current age. My inner shopaholic really was spoiled this month. I even made a personal hashtag for it and had a countdown to #20for20. And, speaking of spoiled. Out of the material things I gained, I had something that money can't buy. I was blessed with a good set of friends who made huge effort to run down the south for me and plan a surprise party. It was definitely a first. And I'm truly and forever thankful for the best gifts of July. 
  8. I met new friends in August. It was the month for new experiences. A few months before August, a production company announced a certain K-pop group will visit the country for their first fanmeet. I was blessed with supportive parents who accompanied me on the day of the pre-selling event in August. It was full of sweat, lots of pushing, fangirl screaming and chaos. But at the end of the day, I gained new friends and a front row ticket. And then I thought, it was worth it all along. 
  9. September was the month that I gave blogging another try. I've been thinking about it for the past few months. And even though I've failed many times before, blogging just seems to pull me back again. There's just something about expressing my thoughts in words & photos, my life, travels & experiences that I just can't not help to share. This blog is basically my outlet for creativity. It motivates me to do something creative everyday. It helps me in a lot of ways I could think of. 
  10. Two of the most biggest things and life achievements happened in October. My dad finally went home (for good) from years worth of working abroad and I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree Major in Photography with two of my best college friends. October prepared me for new beginnings ahead. It gave light on what's my game plan next. School is finally over for me and building my career and future is my next goal. 
  11. November was for wake up calls and heartbeats. This was the month of the fanmeet. Where I dedicated most of my blog entries to anything Korea related because of it. Where I finally saw my bias in person. Where I was a proud fan among the sea of fan girls in the coliseum watching him them perform. Where it was all memorable, heart racing, mind blowing feeling and helped rattled my senses awake. 
  12. And lastly, December is for family. From this to creating the blogmas posts and to being complete on celebrating Christmas with the family for the first time. December was as joyful and was as merriest as ever. 

2015 was clearly a memorable year for me. I had nothing planned. I had no goals. I had no end-games. I just worked hard, moved with the current, made effort to make things happen and happened to me it did! I'm beyond blessed to have conquered the year with such wonderful and supportive family and friends. It has been such a journey to end this year with lessons I'd keep in my heart in the years to come.

What I hope for in 2016:

  1. To slowly build a career worth fighting for. 
  2. Financial stability so I could give back to my parents.
  3. To travel more, both locally & internationally. 
  4. Take more risks and be independent
  5. To building my future
The future is really scary, but going back to my struggles in 2015, seeing the choices I made (both bad and good) that molded the path I'm going through now, made me realize that I'm a lot more stronger than I think to conquer to what far more scarier challenge that may await me in 2016. 

I hope you all have a wonderful new year ahead of you. Happy 2016! 

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