Her Christmas Wishlist

10:00 AM

Boy, you sure would know when you're getting older when your wishlists is getting more practical. I remember my old wishlists is all make up, clothes, and gadgets and all the random eye candy's that I just simply want.

Although this list still consists some of those, but I'm learning to really differentiate my wants from my needs. *pats on the back* 

  1. Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit - Specifically, in Candy K! (Or all the colors. Too hard to pick!) Step aside MAC and say hello to Kylie's new lip make up line! The minute I saw the youtube reviews, I got hooked! Wonder when will it be available here in Manila though? 
  2. 2016 Planner - I seriously love getting organized. I'm almost up with my Starbucks planner and this year I haven't got time to fill up those stickers for this year's planner. So I'm on a hunt on a new planner instead! 
  3. Gouache Wax Canvass Camera Bag - Donatello needs a new home. And I'm in dire need of a new camera bag. 
  4. Frames - I've been meaning to change my frames for months now. I've been getting bored of my black ones and I've been seeing those transparent frames for awhile now. So I'm curious if I should switch to those clear optics for my new frames. 
  5. Victoria's Secret Perfumes - I'm a perfume addict. I just love showering and mixing in different perfumes because every time I go out, it usually just fades away so quickly (Especially with the tropical weather). So I always shower myself with tons of perfumes before I go out.I can never get enough of them! And I just recently finished my VS perfume and I just can't help but want to own more! 
  6. Sports Bra's - I only have a few in my closet. Plus, new work out gear = motivation. So yes, I need one. (Or two. *wink wink*) 
  7. Hard Shell Luggage - Don't get me wrong. I don't have plans on traveling just yet. It's for my camera gear when I get to start freelancing (which I plan on doing next year) I just think it's much more safer if I put all my gear there including 1 set of lights (Soon!)  
  8. Candles Candles Candles! - I've been obsessed with candles since God knows when. Even more when it's scented! I just love the mood and ambiance they give to the room. I usually don't use my room light at night. I either use my desk lamp or candles to give me light while I lounge. Candles just gives enough relaxation to my eyes and it's perfect mood changer. 
  9. Bullet Blender - Look how I wish for big girl stuffs now, huh? I've been seeing a lot of people using this on snapchat. Making instant to go smoothies with a bullet blender. I'd love to own one and make my own smoothies too! 
  10. Good health, Success & Bountiful Happiness - For my family & friends. Not a material wish but it's what I want for the people I love for the year 2016. 

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