Santa's Little Helper

10:00 AM

Santa's Little Helper by heyitsmocha 

Have you done your Christmas shopping already? Be Santa's Little Helper with this outfit while you shop for gifts for your love ones! 

Shopping is probably one of my favorite cardio in the world. I'd spend a whole day just to find the right top or shoes to match anything in my closet. (Or in my case, my rack of clothes.) And I'd be losing a dozen amount of calories. Haha!

Now either you're out for Christmas gifts or slowly buying groceries for Christmas eve (because you don't want to join the Christmas rush later on), I've got the perfect battle gear for you!

Shop in style with this ensemble: 

  1. Red Cardigan + Spaghetti Top + Black Skinny Jeans - Everyone's go to shopping outfit right? Or the get & go outfit. It's comfortable & hassle free. It just turned into a holiday shopping outfit because of the deep red color of the cardigan. Nifty color trick, huh.
  2. Ankle Boots + Christmas Socks - Put a pop of festivity on your soles with Christmas socks! Let it peek an inch above your ankle boots and that will do the trick. 
  3. Beanie - Best for those just out of bed/no shampoo day hair. Sometimes we don't put on much make up and have time to fix our hair right? So either tie your hair up in a messy bun or let it down and hide it with a beanie. And you'll be set to go! You can save time and have extra time for shopping! Yas!
  4. Perfume + Clutch - Last touches to your ensemble. Smell like a bombshell the whole day while you walk around the mall with your favorite perfume & house all your valuables such as your shopping list, gadgets & wallet in your clutch. 
Happy Shopping everyone! 

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