The 1st Week Of 2016

10:00 AM

First off, allow me to greet you all a wonderful & prosperous brand new year! 

We're already down to the first week of 2016! What have you all been doing so far? Some are probably back to school, to their daily routines & commutes, to hustling at work, going home from their holiday vacations, and back to the grinding hours at the gym.

For me, I've been out and about this week. And it's been quite overwhelming considering I've been locking myself in the house for months. Quick backstory: Last year (aka, a week ago. haha) I've been staying at home and declining a lot of hang outs with my friends (Sorry guys!! I'll make it up to you!) After graduation, I figured I needed to give myself a break. You know when a big milestone comes, then learning that 13 years of school has finally passed, that realization alone just slapped me in the face that it's over. It's done. You made it.

And since, our graduation was on the 3rd to the last month of the year, I told myself that I need to just kick back and relax and just enjoy the holiday's with my family. And so I did. 

My 2016 goal is to find more excuses to get my butt out of the house. Say yes to more hang outs and mini-adventures & leave the homebody person that I am at 2015 (well.. slowly. the transition is tough). But this goal is to an extent (of my money. Haha. And mother nature's monthly visits.) 

Anyway. What does 2016 mean for this blog?

  • A big change  
There's a lot I should come up about with that word "Change". I've thought of it for awhile now & it's currently on the works for this month. One thing you should know about me is that I'm a crazy ass fickle-minded person. I can never settle on things I plan out. (It may or may not be the reasons why I don't do well with blogging. Huhu.) And so, my friends, this blog will have it's changes soon and I'll let you know so just bear with me for while!

A toast for the new exciting months ahead, adventures yet to be experienced & traveled, trends that are soon to be viral, birthday's, anniversaries, weddings, births & loads more! 

Happy Brand New Year, everyone! And Happy Happy 2016! 

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